Coloring of blond hair

Modern methods of hair coloring provide a change of image without damaging effects on curls. With the help of coloring the hair will start to play with new colors, the hairstyle will attract attention. Well-groomed appearance is ensured by adhering to the painting procedure. To achieve the result, the wizard uses four techniques. When choosing technology, they are repelled by the length of the strands and color. Consider how the coloring of blond hair is performed.

What is the coloring of blond hair?

Coloring is compared with highlighting of curls. The methods are similar to the painting procedure, applied technologies. The key difference is the number of shades used. Light hair is melted using one contrasting color. At coloring 2-10 tones are used, which are applied in one staining.

Coloring of blond hair

What is the coloring of blond hair? This coloring of separate locks in any shades. Classic combinations, smooth transitions or bright contrasts are used.Skilled craftsmen carry out coloring using up to 20 colors.

It is important to choose the right shades so that they combine with each other, and the blonde does not turn into a multi-colored parrot. On blond hair look chestnut, chocolate, ashy, reddish palette. Bold girls use for coloring bright colors: red, green, blue, purple. Selecting shades for coloring, consider the age of the woman and social status. For office work, blond hair with red strands will not do.

Advantages of coloring blond hair

If to compare with the procedure for dark curls, then the main plus is a sparing effect on the strands. The coloring process does not include discoloration of curls. The exception is hair with a reddish tinge. We have to lighten the curls so as not to get a dirty color or a greenish tint.

Coloring of blond hair

The advantages of coloring blond hair:

  1. Use of technology on any strands. Coloring looks on long hair. On short curls, it is possible to draw a picture or perform a classic procedure.
  2. Gentle effect on curls. The paint is not applied to all strands.As coloring agents are used such means: mascara for hair, washable balms, natural dyes.
  3. Temporary coloring. Flushing agents allow temporary colouration. As a result, it is possible to experiment with shades, decide on bright or poisonous colors.

Types of coloring blond hair

Classic coloring appears in a smooth transition from light to dark. Such a performance looks beautiful on the hair, the colors play in the sun. But, girls are less likely to resort to standard technologies, wanting to draw attention to the hair. Therefore, there are new types of coloring blond hair. We list the techniques used by the masters:

Coloring of blond hair

  1. Zonal coloring. The selected area is painted. Young girls choose bangs for painting, coloring the strands in bright colors. Another option for zonal coloring is the coloring of individual strands. It looks appropriate on asymmetrical haircuts.
  2. Patterned coloring. Performed by experienced craftsmen. Through the stencil paint is applied. The result is a pattern that is visible only with a clear installation.Patterned coloring is suitable as a temporary option for glamorous parties, photo shoots or podium.
  3. Longitudinal coloring. Strands are selected, and hair coloring is performed in the chosen shade.
  4. Transverse coloring. Hair is divided into curls. Then each strand is painted in selected colors.

Full coloring involves changing hair color. After that, the strands are separated, the shades are selected and the coloring of individual ringlets is performed.

Coloring Techniques for Blond Hair

Coloring ringlets is carried out with the use of such technologies:

  • Multicolor coloring. Involves applying paint along the entire length of the strands. To create a concise image, shades are used that are 1-2 tones lower from the main color. With the help of bright colors are extravagant images.
  • Ash coloring. It is popular among women of advanced age. This technique of coloring for light hair is a great way to hide gray hair, without permanently affecting the strands. The technique reduces to staining the strands from light to black. Due to the gradual transition gray hair looks natural, acquiring an ashy tint.

Coloring of blond hair

  • Neon coloring.The technique involves dyeing individual strands in bright colors. Neon shades are used: pink, purple, red, green. For application, several curls are selected, the tips are painted or only the bangs are painted. Neon coloring is popular among European youth. If we take washing paint as a basis, then it becomes possible to change the images every month.

Coloring blond hair

When working with light brown curls, it is recommended to use cross coloring. With this look, the effect of burnt hair is created. The master selects several tones and conducts coloring, starting from the roots. With each number takes more and more light shades. The result is dark roots and light tips.

Coloring of blond hair

To make light brown hair bright and attractive use special types of coloring. One of these techniques is called hair brooding. The technique involves the use of natural shades. They are selected in such a way that the regrown roots merge, look natural and harmonious. During the painting are selected strands of different thickness. This allows you to create the effect of sparkling hair that glitters and shimmers in the sun.Coloring blond hair using this method is performed without the use of bright white or yellow shades.

Coloring on light short hair

For short haircuts, any of the technologies is used. Successfully looks multicolored coloring. The coloring process is performed using contrasting shades or close to the main hair color. Coloring on light short hair is done asymmetrically. The coloring component is applied unevenly. This makes it possible to perform various styling without reference to the parting. Each time, the hair will look different.

Coloring of blond hair

For short haircuts apply cross coloring or perform a full color. To do this, the hair roots are specifically darkened, and the tips are left light or cause bright shades. This technique visually gives the hair volume and refreshes the face.

Coloring for blond hair at home

When you start painting for the first time, do not put complex tasks. It is better to train with natural dyes or agents that will subsequently be washed. Choose no more than 3 shades.

Before you start coloring on blonde hair at home, prepare the materials. You will need a comb with a long handle, foil, gloves, tubes with paint, hair clips and a brush. The order of execution is as follows:

Coloring of blond hair

  1. Prepare the hair. To do this, do not use hygienic and cosmetic products for 3 days before painting. Before applying the paint, comb the curls.
  2. Put on old clothes so as not to get stained with paint. Protect your hands with gloves. Apply cream on your face, especially along the hair line and behind the ears.
  3. Take a comb and separate the strands. Coloring curls start from the back of the head, gradually moving to the crown. After painting the central part, go to the sides. Dilute the paint, then lay the curl on a piece of foil and paint with a brush. Then wrap the strand in foil, so walk through all the curl. Then go on to the next tone.

The time of exposure to the paint is 30-45 minutes. At the end of this period, carefully untwist strands and gradually wash off the paint with cool water. Then shampoo your hair, apply a balm.

Coloring is a way to change the image, without resorting to enormous changes. Blond hair is easy to color. It is not necessary for them to choose sustainable means.Coloring techniques allow you to choose a gentle method of painting. As a result, the curls retain a natural shade that becomes saturated, shiny and healthy.

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