Colored contact lenses: what you need to know before you buy?

Information for those who have decided to change the color of the eyes, but do not have sufficient knowledge of what color contact lenses are (CLL) and how to use them correctly. To begin with, this is an optical device of a cosmetic nature. It may have corrective properties, like normal contact lenses, or it may not. It is made of elastic biocompatible material with exceptional fineness properties. The thickness of the decorative device is interrelated with the term of its limiting service.

Classification of colored lenses by wearing time.

The greatest subtlety of the lens corresponds to the shortest period of its wearing. Buying color lenses in a specialized online store, first of all, you should pay attention to the period of their maximum use: 15 days, 30, 90, 6 months, as well as one-day use. The specified dates do not mean continuous wear.CLL of any type can be worn as much as possible, without removing, no more than 8 hours. Some models suggest the possibility of 16-hour continuous wear. However, for a person who has never worn lenses, it is necessary to start only from the hour period. As you get used to, you can add another hourly. In addition, you can not sleep in them, and you need to drive a car very carefully. Unlike shading lenses, which have absolutely no effect on the visible vision, color analogs can in some cases affect color rendering and visibility.

Color lenses classification by color.

ShadingLenses are those that give brightness and expressiveness to one’s own eye color. Intended, as a rule, only for light-eyed people, because on a dark natural background does not give effect.Coloredthe same - those that completely change the color of the eyes. These are divided into two classes: for dark eyes and for light ones, but they are distinguished by the general property of completely changing their own color shade. In contrast to the shading analogs, this type of CLC is not completely colored - there is an unpainted part of the disc in the pupil area. It allows to reduce changes in a review to a minimum.However, the pupil has the properties to contract and expand, and the unpainted area remains constant. Therefore, with the expansion of the pupil under the influence of natural circumstances, there may be some clouding of the visible part of the review. Being behind the wheel, you need to remember this.

The paint itself, which gives the CKL the appropriate color, is ecologically safe, especially if you intend to buy color lenses of a good brand and in a specialized store (low-quality lenses or improper use / storage can damage your eyesight). In addition, the paint is applied to the inner layers of the lens, with the result that the eye shell does not come into contact with the painted surface at all.

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