Citrus Encyclopedia Brief

If your knowledge of citrus is limited to lemon, lime, orange and vitamin C, you lose a lot: this colorful family has a lot of unique representatives that can give your dishes a special taste and aroma.
Citrus fruit
Citrus fruit
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Orange (orange = sweet orange) - along with lemons are the most common of all types of citrus fruits. They are eaten on their own and added to a variety of dishes and drinks. Replaced by: bloody orange, mandarin, kumquats, charcoal, grapefruit, pomelo (especially for marmalade).

Bloody orange

Bloody, or pigment, orange (blood orange = pigmented orange) - these oranges with red flesh are most popular in Europe, in other countries they are less known. Available in winter and spring. Replace a bloody orange can be ordinary oranges or tangerines.

Kafir Lime

Kafir Lime (Kaffir lime = jeruk purut = leech lime = limau purut = magrood = makroot = makrut) - Thai chefs use this fruit to give the dishes a special and strong flavor.Kafir Lime contains very little juice, so for the most part they use only its zest. It is replaced by citron, lime, or kafir linear leaves (1 tablespoon of kafer linear peel is equivalent to 6 leaves of this plant). Used in Thai, Indonesian and Kampuchean cuisine.

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