Christmas signs

Christmas was for all mankind the main holiday of the year. This is a family and touching celebration, with which many customs will be accepted. Listening to signs or ignoring them depends on the personal relationship of the person.

Christmas has been celebrated for several millennia. Therefore, for such a long time, certain signs have formed. Observance to our people is not taken away. Therefore, it can be said with 100% certainty that there is an element of truth in each sign.


If Christmas falls on a Sunday, and this happens quite infrequently, it means that we will enjoy the summer with a lot of harvest.

If a strong snowstorm caught you on holiday, then spring will please us with its early arrival.

Frost-covered branches in Christmas will delight all grain growers, because it means that there will be a wonderful and rich harvest of bread in the coming year.

A clear starry sky says that next year buckwheat and peas will be ugly.

It’s great when the weather is snowy outside at Christmas, but if you don’t watch it, you’ll have to freeze in the spring.

What not to do?

Since Christmas is a church holiday, it has certain prohibitions. You should not break them, otherwise you face serious problems and troubles.

Under no circumstances should you kill animals during the Christmas week. Especially to hunt. Killing innocent animals, their spilled blood will leave a dark imprint on the whole next year of your life.

In advance, take care of the integrity of your things, since it's forbidden to sew at Christmas. Anyone who violates this prohibition can "earn" serious problems with his eyes.

You can not wear old things at Christmas dinner. This threatens the lack of prosperity in the coming year.

Baked Christmas cake is forbidden to cut before the holiday.

It is not possible that on Christmas Day a representative of the weaker sex first entered your house, this promises diseases to the women living in the house.

As if you did not want to know your fate, do not guess at the holiday itself. For this, there will be a week after it and a couple of days before it.

You can not wash, sweep and cut.

It is also forbidden to make trouble, steal and cheat.

To attract money in your life

On Christmas it is customary to visit the closest people.It is also important that relatives come to your home.

Treat the guests who come with the best dishes and do it sincerely.

You must make yourself a good gift of heart. It does not matter what exactly it will be.

On a holiday in your house dozens of candles should be lit. They will lure you warmly.

On this day, no one in your home should be left hungry and unhappy, so make sure that your pets are happy with the holiday, just like you.


Collect trash after Christmas and do not just throw it away, but go out into the yard and burn it. So you create obstacles for evil spirits and protect yourself.

It is necessary to start the festive meal only after the first star appears in the sky.

On Christmas evil spirits never appear before people, so you can safely walk late at night.

Before you sit down at the table, open the doors in the house, thanks to which all the bad things will leave your home.

On Christmas morning, bring a bucket of clean water to the house. It is better that she was recruited in the healing spring. Health will be provided to you.

Kutyu must prepare the main hostess in the house.

On this day must be on the table should be bread and red wine.

Be sure to put a candle and cutlery for deceased relatives.

Put a bunch of straw at home for Christmas. This will provide you comfort and bring good luck.

Decorate the house with wreaths, candles and bells for good luck.

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