Choosing Lyubov Katerenyuk - mom of the year in Krasnoyarsk

The results of the last nomination of the contest “Choosing”, which is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the site of Woman’s Day, became known.
Choosing Lyubov Katerenyuk - mom of the year in Krasnoyarsk
Lyubov Katerenyuk - mom of the year in Krasnoyarsk
Photo: personal archive family Katerenyuk

Photographer Marina Tochilina, deputy director of the Yenisei TV channel Ksenia Samotsvetova, special correspondent of the Prima TV channel (in maternity decree), blogger Yulia Zharova, designer (maternity) Kristina Meshkova, radio host Humor FM, director and host of events Anna Kolesnyak (Romanova), deputy director of the Uniset printing house Natalya Sinkova, associate professor of human resources management at the Siberian Federal University Elena Rongonen, freelancer, blogger Lyubov Katerenyuk, press secretary of the charity foundation Olga Abantseva and methodologist park flora and fauna "Roev stream" (the decree) Catherine Mikhailova.

From November 9 to November 19, site visitors could vote for the participant they liked the most.As a result, the nominees were voted 3185 times.


1st place - Lyubov Katerenyuk - 1190 votes (37.4%)

2nd place - Marina Tochilina - 1078 votes (33.8%)

3rd place - Kristina Meshkova - 312 votes (9.8%)

During the week, the editors will contact the winner and the winners of the competition and tell you where and when it will be possible to pick up the prizes that our partners will provideLLC "Corporation of childhood"anddesign studio "Trigolki" (designer Tanya Trigolka).

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