Choose your country for vacation: Montenegro

If the local beauties bore you, and the beaches of Turkey or Egypt are not of interest, choosing a country for vacation, pay attention to Montenegro, which is attractive for active and leisurely cognitive recreation. The combination of developed infrastructure, the richest history, unique culture, coupled with excellent service and pleasant weather conditions make this region attractive for tourists all year round.


But before you book a hotel and buy tickets, it is worth getting a general idea of ​​the country. What is so attractive vacation in Montenegro? What to expect from holidays in this country? Let's study!

Undeniable benefits

Montenegro is a great option for Russian tourists. And the thing is not only that in this European country there are literally 1/3 of all signs in Russian, which are well owned by almost the entire population. Rest in this region is good because you do not need to wait for the season.In winter, lovers of active pastime in the mountains will comfortably spend their holidays here, and in summer there is nothing better than Adriatic beaches. The Mediterranean climate without extreme heat and sudden heavy rains with strong winds is exactly what most tourists need.


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If you belong to the first category of holidaymakers, then for sure you will be interested in ski resorts, where surprisingly harmonious combination of budget, cleanliness, remarkable ecology and natural beauty.

On a note! The ski season in Montenegro begins in November and lasts until May.

Resorts and beach holidays

Connoisseurs of beach holidays, clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, clean coasts and a temperate climate without the stupefying heat the best to go from May to September Local waters are the warmest in July - it is by this period that they are warming up thoroughly. But at this time Montenegrin beaches are filled to the maximum. Especially a lot here in the middle of summer, the Serbs who like to rest in this country and are happy to spend their holidays here.


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If you decide to spend your vacation in Montenegro, then you should decide in advance on the resort. There are several of them, and all are great.One of the most popular places in the country where tourists often stop is Ultsin. The southern resort is rightfully heading the list of the most sunny places in the country. The uniqueness of this corner, bordering Albania, lies in the fact that its culture strikingly colorful and harmoniously combines minarets, oriental bazaars and European architecture with all its severity and solemnity.

It is interesting! Ulcin is the perfect place for sailing.

Budva is one of the main resorts in the region. It attracts tourists:

  • sand and pebble beaches;
  • green groves;
  • picturesque streets with its indescribable flavor;
  • Island Hotel Sveti Stefan;
  • active nightlife, surprisingly combined with measured and calm.


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It is not surprising that this is where not only young people are striving, but also couples with kids.

About recreation in Montenegro

If the choice of Montenegro as an optimal country for recreation is determined by the opportunity to improve health, then without any hesitation it is worth going to the bay of Boka Kotorska. It is here that the therapeutic and recreational holiday will be the most complete and comfortable. This region is rich in healing mud and mineral springs.But this resort is also attractive for its delightful natural beauty. If the picturesque landscapes relate to the most hidden strings in your soul, then you should definitely visit Herceg Novi. The unique architecture, buildings preserved from the Middle Ages, a delightful coastal line and almost pristine purity conquer even the most ingrained connoisseur of urbanism.


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On a note! If you like different festivals, carnivals, holidays, dramatized processions, then you are in Kotor. This resort in Montenegro is famous for its rich entertainment program.

Little about everything

Going to this country to rest, many tourists are wondering about money. Despite the fact that the state is not part of the European Union, the euro is in circulation here. Active tourists argue that it is more advantageous in terms of cost to come here as a self-resting, having previously booked a hotel room. Rest through tour operators costs several times more. Comfortable vacation will turn out together or with friends and with children. The local population is very friendly and friendly, communicates easily and helps with excursions.There are great beaches and excellent cuisine. So lovers of gastronomic tourism will not be disappointed for sure.


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Going to Montenegro, passive rest does not threaten you! Local beauty and delicacies simply will not allow all the rest to spend at the hotel.

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