Chloe Green and Jeremy Mix are getting ready for the wedding in Monaco

No wonder the sweet couple - Chloe Green and Jeremy Mix - literally evaporated from the radar after rumors that Chloe was waiting for the first child. As it turned out, for good reason: Jeremy and his beloved are too busy to appear at social events and share photos in social networks, because they are preparing for the wedding!

According to insiders, the ceremony will take place in Monaco. While the parents of the bride, Tina and Philip Green, help lovers to organize everything on the highest level, Chloe herself literally glows with happiness, and does not consider it necessary to hide the pregnancy at all: every second resident knows about her interesting situation. Chloe's mother is no longer eager to become a grandmother, while her father seems to be far more pragmatic about what is happening: it was he who insisted that the marriage should take place in Monaco, where strict laws governing potential payments for divorce apply.

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