Childhood fears

Sometimes fears are transmitted from mother to child. Not realizing that the child feels the excitement of the mother, the mother behaves too emotionally at the sight of thunder and lightning or other factors.

The most common are the fear of darkness, loneliness, confined space. Thus, fear is inevitable, as it is a protective function of the body. If you do not fight them, they can lead to violations of the daily regimen, which cannot and will not affect his health.

Also, the leading childhood fear has negative experiences that the baby has seen, and they are firmly entrenched in consciousness. This may be a parental quarrel or an accident. But the strongest fear at all times for a child is considered to be the fear of separation from the mother. If parting is inevitable, then leave the child for a while. A long separation from the mother can cause depression and nervous disorders in the child. At first, he may stop eating, sleep is disturbed and deviations in the child�s development may occur. For example, such situations may occur when the mother leaves for work.

How to behave in this situation? Never force a child to overcome fear; the reaction may be unpredictable. As time passes, the child will laugh at the experienced fears. Of course, you should not laugh, because you hurt the child. It will close on you.

Support is very important in any case. Let the baby feel your support. But, if your case is delayed, and the child�s condition worsens, be sure to contact a specialist who will advise you.

Older children can recommend the following method. Put in front of the child paint and clean Whatman paper. Ask your baby to paint your fear. Let him tell how he imagines him. Art therapy is leading among various technologies.

Baby is happy to agree to such an experiment. By the color of the picture, you can judge how much fear has a formidable shape. Lighter tones indicate that fear is not a permanent form, and soon the child will cope with it. With pictures of black and blue shades need to be on the lookout. Anxious baby will need to work.

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