Chihuahua - your small and loyal friend

If you dream of a small and mischievous four-footed friend, then pay attention to dogs of the Chihuahua breed. But before you buy such a pet, find out all its features.

Breed history

Such a breed of dog got its name thanks to the US state of Chihuahua, which was discovered for the first time. Many dog ​​experts agree that it is Chihuahua that is the progenitor and the oldest ancestor of all the other small breeds.


It is also believed that the ancestor of the chihuahua itself is a small dog leech. The first mention of it is dated 1500 BC. Such animals supposedly left a trace in the history of the three greatest civilizations: the Aztecs, Maya and Toltec. The modern world, for the first time, learned about the Chihuahua in the 19th century.

At that time, Mexicans sold these funny dogs, and tourists brought them to Europe. In the USSR the breed appeared in 1959. Fidel Castro himself gave Nikita Khrushchev two dogs: a dog and a bitch with a magnificent pedigree.Since then, these animals have become popular in the CIS countries.


The Chihuahua is a very small dog with an incredibly compact body, an apple-shaped skull (this feature is common to all members of the breed), a fairly long, slightly curved tail, large standing fluffy ears, a little elongated muzzle and large expressive eyes. Everything in this cute animal touches.

Beauty on the lawn

The weight of one adult individual usually varies from 500 grams to 3 kilograms. Growth often does not exceed 15-25 centimeters. Wool color can be almost anything, ranging from fawn or sand, ending with dark gray or brown. The muzzle and abdomen are usually lighter than the rest of the body.

Character traits

The nature of a Chihuahua is very difficult. Here are the main features that dogs of this breed possess:

  • Attachment. Yes, such pets are strongly attached to their owners. And if the dog lives in a large family, then it will most likely find a pet and will obey only him.
  • Steady psyche. Most representatives of small breeds do not have this quality. Chihuahuas are brave and not scared at all.On the contrary, they can stand up for their master, in spite of the superiority of the enemy forces. Some compare these dwarf dogs to small warriors.
  • Such dogs are very observant. They can understand what you are going to do. Also, this pet will always feel the mood of the owner and try to adjust to it.
  • All Chihuahuas are very temperamental and active. They can run and frolic for hours, and also get excited about meeting or playing with the owner.
  • Some representatives are rather jealous.
  • Dogs of this breed are very touchy and vulnerable. If you, for example, raise your voice for no reason, then your little pet can hide in your house and sit there all day. Then it will come out, but it will not work for you. And only then the dog will agree to communicate with the owner.
  • Such a pet will never leave his master, he will always accompany him.
  • Chihuahua strangers are regarded with suspicion.
  • Some representatives are quite aggressive. But aggression can be avoided if you pay attention to socialization, namely from an early age to allow a pet to communicate with other animals and people.
  • Many dogs of this breed do not like children, especially small ones, which is connected with self-defense.

Diseases and problems

In most dogs of this breed, with stress, urinary incontinence occurs. Chihuahua is born with an underdeveloped skull, which is formed finally only for 4-5 months, so that the puppies are especially vulnerable. But the soft zone in the skull remains for a lifetime, so blows to the head are unacceptable. These animals have very weak bones and joints, so you should not jump from high places (even from the steps).

Bead eyes

The most common diseases, problems and injuries: dislocations, hydrocephalus, pathologies of the structure of the lungs or heart, low sugar levels, urolithiasis, retinal atrophy, epilepsy, not ovulation of testicles in males and complications in labor in bitches, problems with gums and teeth, skin diseases , rheumatism, intolerance of certain products.

In addition, because of the accelerated metabolism and heat exchange disorders, these dogs quickly freeze and catch cold, so they need clothes and shoes. In the summer, it is necessary to avoid overheating, they are also dangerous for this breed.


So that your pet is not spoiled and arrogant, start raising it from a very early age. Prevent the loud barking not on business, but also unreasonable aggression.If the dog is guilty, do not beat it in any case, otherwise it will be closed and intimidated!

Shaggy and not

Express your indignation in a stern and loud voice. At the same time it is important to look into the eyes of the pet, so that he understands that they are talking to him. Do not overdo it with punishment, the dog will take revenge on you. If a chihuahua is nervous, calm her down, take her in your arms, the stresses for such a breed are harmful. As for the training, the basic commands of the pet can be fully trained.

Peculiarities of care

How to care for a Chihuahua breed? There is nothing complicated about it, but there are some important points:

  • Regular walks to such a pet are not required, as it can carry out a burst of energy at home, running from one room to another. And yet it is necessary to walk with him. Chihuahua love fresh air and outdoor games. Do not forget to put on a leash, after all the dog can escape and get injured or get a serious injury.
  • It is often impossible to bathe dogs of this breed, it can lead to dandruff or irritation. So, a smooth-haired Chihuahua will suffice 2-3 times a year, and long-haired individuals should be bathed 1 time in 1-3 months.If the pet often walks and gets very dirty, it is better to wipe it with a damp sponge.
  • To comb long-haired representatives of the breed better every day or at least every other day. A short-haired chihuahua will suffice and one or two procedures a week.
  • Brush your teeth once a week. You can use a special dog toothpaste or a cleaning bone.
  • As it gets dirty, wipe the pet's eyes with a cotton swab dipped in clean (preferably boiled) warm water.
  • Clean your ears regularly using a cotton swab and water (or special solution).
  • Once a month, cut the pet's claws so that they do not prevent him from frolicking.
  • Frequent haircuts are not required. In principle, such a dog can not be cut at all.

How to feed?

The nutrition of the chihuahua is important. Puppies need to be fed at least 3-5 times a day (the younger they are, the more feeds are required). An adult individual needs only two feedings per day: in the morning and in the evening (but not before bedtime). The optimal volume of one serving is 60-70 grams.

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The pet menu should include low-fat meat varieties (boil it), boiled sea fish, low-fat dairy products, steamed and boiled vegetables, cereals, and fresh fruit.Exclude tubular bones, sweets, fat, salty, spicy, pickled.

We get a puppy

The sun

It is best to purchase chihuahua at the age of 8 to 10 weeks, although some breeders sell and 5-month old puppies. How much is a puppy? The price can vary from 15-20 to 100 thousand rubles. It all depends on the characteristics of the individual and pedigree.

Love and protect your pet, and he will become your true friend.

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