Characteristics of men and women Lviv in the year of the Tiger

Liana Raymanova October 31, 2017

Leo and Tiger give people the same character traits:originality, activity, optimism and arrogance. Representatives of these signs are very sociable and love to be in the center of attention. They easily evoke the sympathy of others, because they have an incendiary temper. For the same reason, they often become the soul of the company.

Lions-Tigers are self-confident, proud, sometimes even arrogant. They like to surround themselves with luxury goods, considering them a suitable entourage for such a regal person. Similarly, the representatives of the fifth sign approach the choice of the chosen one or the chosen one - the second half of Leo must be a spectacular, beautiful and memorable person. In a word, such that the king of beasts could be proud of her.

Tigers -brave, ambitious and energetic people. The influence of the zodiac horoscope doubles these qualities. Between the eastern and western horoscopes there are quite a few contradictions in this case, but nevertheless they are.

The sharpest conflict of signs manifests itself when it comes time to start a family

A person finds a soul mate and before him becomes a choice: whether to transfer relations to a new, more serious level. A responsible and noble Leo will favor the creation of a family. The tiger, on the contrary, will try to escape from marriage and, moreover, replenishment in the family. It's not a matter of fear of responsibility, but rather that in the solitude of the Tiger it is much more comfortable.

The representative of the sign Tiger, whether he is a man or a woman, loves dynamics and is in a constant desire to learn new things. The creation of the family, in his opinion, will become a hindrance to such a stormy life.

But over time, and such people are ripe forfamily creation. Marriage in adulthood is even more preferable for Tigers, as over the years they become wiser and learn to cope with their own shortcomings.

Characteristics of men born under the sign of Leo-Tigr

Representatives of these signs are very communicative and love to be in the spotlight

Characteristics of men born under the sign of Leo-Tigr

Lions-Tigers are patient, but quick-tempered. Being angry, they are almost unable to control themselves and calm down only when they take revenge on the offender.At the same time, they do not care that innocent people can get into the fire of verbal attacks. The Lions born in the year of the Tiger calm down very quickly - once they restore justice, morally suppressing the enemy, they immediately rush to show nobility and forget about all past offenses.

Men Lions -very strong-willed people. Due to their ambitiousness and determination, many of them achieve heights in their career. Hot temper and arrogance, also characteristic of representatives of "cat" signs, can become a serious obstacle on the way to success.

Faithful and reliable friends are obtained from Tigers-Lions. But it is not easy for them to get serious relations in this direction, especially in the work collective.

The habit of commanding and “helping” with practical advice scares many people, so the Tigers often cannot get along with their colleagues because of her

The careless and disrespectful attitude of the representatives of the fifth zodiacal sign hurts more than any offensive word. They may be seriously offended by an innocent joke or jokes about themselves. If the Leo boy born in the year of the Tiger can curb his vanity and learn to calmly treat criticism, his friends will noticeably increase.

For men who represent a combination of "cat" signs, it is difficult to be subordinate to anyone. Onleadership positionstheir activities will be more productive. But the best option for Tigers-Lviv - work for yourself. It can be both a large business and a small private enterprise, looking at how much ambition and diligence will suffice. The main thing is that there is no pressure from above.

Business partners Leo chooses with great care. For this role only people with a straightforward character are suitable - honest, not practicing deceptive and provocative methods in the work. The Lion man can look for suitable companions for a very long time, but in the end he will find it anyway.

Imperfections of the mark

The zodiacal combination of Tiger-Leo gives his wards a quick temper and arrogance

Imperfections of the mark

The zodiacal combination of Tiger-Leo gives his wards a quick temper and arrogance. It is worth at least a little to hurt the pride of such a man, and in response he will open a volley of all guns.

In love, Tigers-Lions tend to show signs of an owner and a jealous person. With age, these shortcomings come to naught, but in the young and middle years can spoil a lot of life and the Lions themselves, and their darlings.

Men Tigers perceive any attachment as weakness and prefer to keep a distance in a relationship.

Not every girl likes this behavior, therefore only a few heroes of this article can boast of long novels at a young age.

One more minus of the representatives of the sign is intolerance to someone else's opinion, such people always consider their point of view to be the only true one. Other disadvantages of Lviv-Tigers are less significant and rarely affect the overall picture of their lives.

Characteristics of women born under the sign of Lev-Tigr

Women, whose character is determined by the combination of signs Leo and Tiger, have a specialmagnetism. They easily attract people around them, especially men. In society, these ladies are respected and even admired by others. But in this situation, the appearance of envious and intriguing people, which the Lionesses due to their natural naivety cannot always recognize in time, is inevitable.

Characteristics of women born under the sign of Leo Tigre

Lionesses are a prime example of good human qualities.

Female Lion-Tigers also have vanity and arrogance, but to a lesser extent than men.They are also emotional, tend to be guided by feelings when making important decisions.Aggression is almost uncharacteristic, so they easily find a common language with others.

Lionesses are a vivid example of good human qualities: honesty, nobility, good nature. But such women show them only to those who themselves behave with dignity in relation to them. In response to a dishonest game, the girl Leo, born in the year of the Tiger, can go against her moral principles. In this case, she will almost certainly crush her opponent, because she is fully endowed with strength and strength of character.

Women Tigers are not obsessed with reaching career heights. They are ready to be content with a stable, albeit not very large earnings

Sooner or later they still want more, this moment serves as the starting point of systematic climbing the career ladder.

The tigress will climb to the heightsslowly, but with a firm and confident tread. Thanks to this tactic, many representatives of the mark at a mature age acquire a well-established middle-class business or occupy a leading position with a good salary in some reputable company.

Imperfections of the mark

A woman born under the influence of the Tiger and Leo signs has very diverse interests. In her case, this quality is an obvious disadvantage, since it serves as a serious obstacle both at work and in personal life. Lionesses are constantly rushing in different directions, wasting their mad energy in vain. To give up any of their hobbies is difficult for them, because they thereby recognize their inconsistency. Pride will continue to convince a woman of Leo that she can keep up with both two and three hares, if necessary. But in the overwhelming majority of cases, this is only self-deception, followed by a cruel disappointment.

Characteristics of women Lions born in the year of the Tiger

A woman born under the influence of Tiger and Leo signs has very diverse interests.

A weak person could never recover from such a blow, but the Tigress need only a little time to lick their wounds. No matter how strong the disappointment is, it is unlikely to become a barrier to relapse - representatives of cat signstend to repeat their mistakes. And not so much because of stupidity, but because of excessive pride - it is she who convinces the woman of Lev Tigris that this time she will succeed.

Love Compatibility Leo in the Year of the Tiger

People born under the signs of Leo and Tigra are difficult, so it’s hard to build a serious relationship. For a long time, short-term romances predominate in personal life, and the first place in the list of priorities is occupied by work. In this case, both men and women of feline signs are known as passionate lovers.

Thirst for novelty focuses them not on the quality of relationships, but on the number and variety of love adventures.

To appreciate a strong bond based on mutual understanding, Lions-Tigers begin only when they enrich themselves with solid life experience and have enough time to “play too much” with the opposite sex. Tigers are sure that they should realize the importance of creating a family, as it will immediately appear. But from this point problems just begin.

Representatives of the signs Lev and Tigris face the realization that they have no idea how to build a serious relationship. They have to learn to understand the partner, to show respect, not to limit his personal free space. The latter is given to Lions most difficult, because by naturethey are owners. Women are less susceptible to this disadvantage, but even they often “spoil” their chosen ones with scenes of jealousy.

When choosing a partner or a partner for a serious relationship, Tiger-Leo is looking for a personality that will suit him in a variety of ways - from appearance, to similarity of interests and views on the world around.

Candidates that do not meet the high criteria of the Tigers are eliminated almost immediately

As a result, there are three options.

  1. A person finds one who suits him. Then he is completely given to the relationship, shows concern and respect to the second half. Such a pair has many chances to grow instrong and happy family.
  2. After years of unsuccessful searches, Lev-Tigr agrees to a less suitable candidate. Special passion in such a relationship will not. But if both partners show patience and do not hesitate to delve into their own psychology, they will be able to create a full-fledged unit of society.
  3. The Lion-Tiger does not find an ideal partner, but does not want to be content with a small one. Then he simply turns his attention to work and finances, seeking to uncover the talents in the career field to the maximum.

Of course, this is only a conditional division. A huge number of factors affect the love compatibility of partners, the influence of zodiacal symbols is far from the last of them.

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