Castor Bottles - Hidden Threat

This year I realized my dream and bought castor seeds. They are similar to ticks, which gave the name to this plant.

I planted the seeds in the second half of May, as the castor is a heat-loving plant and does not like low temperatures. After a month and a half I had a beautiful and stately plant with large carved sheets.

And then I came across information about Orsk schoolchildren. In Orsk, several children poisoned the seeds of this plant. It turns out that this is one of the most poisonous plants. It contains the poison ricin, which is found in the seeds and the rest of the plant. Only 6 castor seeds can be lethal for a child and 20 seeds for an adult. Of course, the probability to eat such an amount of castor bean seeds is extremely small, but even small doses of ricin can harm human health.

In general, children should be kept away from this plant. And since I have two little scamps who can even make mushroom soup, I decided to stop growing this beautiful plant.In any case, until my children grow up.

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