Capes, caps, gloves - fashion accessories of the fall-2018


Saint Laurent showed an example worthy of a Hollywood black and white movie, where the main character hides from the looks under the brim of her hat. We also appreciated the luxurious earrings that the stylists accompanied the headdress with — elegantly, it captures the spirit.

Capes, caps, gloves - fashion accessories of the fall-2018

Saint Laurent, Fall-Winter 2018/2019;Uniqlo wide-brimmed hat (1 499 rub.)

Cape, she is a plaid

To the question of whether to leave the blanket at home alone, when at eight in the morning you rush to work. According to Roksanda, obviously you shouldn’t take it - take it with you, blame the first frosts in everything and feel at work as comfortable as at home.

Capes, caps, gloves - fashion accessories of the fall-2018

Roksanda, autumn-winter 2018/2019;cape H & M (799 rub.)


The fashion house Giambattista Valli seems to be aware of what nasty winds we have on the border of autumn and winter. If suddenly you are not wearing a turtleneck or a high-neck sweater, then save yourself with “improvised means” - with a thin scarf tied over the shirt collar.

Capes, caps, gloves - fashion accessories of the fall-2018

Giambattista Valli, Fall-Winter 2018/2019;scarf Mango (1 999 rub.)

Long gloves

There are a lot of long gloves on the runways. The autumn-winter season declares itself, and we are trying to define ourselves in all this variety: there are colored gloves, leather gloves, and theatrical transparent ones, and with drawings and prints.

Asos long gloves

Prada, autumn-winter 2018/2019;Asos long gloves (1 190 rub.)


This cinematic hat, as if from films about young enamored female students, fits decisively any hairstyle. So if you literally lost your head in search of a suitable accessory for the off-season, then urgently test such caps with democratic brands.

Capes, caps, gloves - fashion accessories of the fall-2018

Christian Dior, Fall-Winter 2018/2019;Cap-cap Zara (1 799 rubles)

Leg warmers or warm socks

Considering how the French and Italians like to keep the summer habit of sitting on the terraces for hours even in October and November, warmed socks for shoes and loafers do not seem to be such a crazy idea. We, unfortunately, the season of such shoes will end faster than you will find socks for shoes to match the tone, so take a note of the idea for the office in the winter.

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