Campbell talked about her diet

43-year-old supermodel Naomi Campbell told reporters how she manages to keep her figure for many years. By the way, this is not as easy as it seems to us.
Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell
Photo: Starface

Naomi Campbell morning begins with pilates training or yoga. After she has breakfast with a vitamin smoothie. He prepares his star herself: she adds lemon juice, green tea and aloe vera juice to hot water. This drink, she said, works wonders: improves metabolism and boosts the immune system.

Then she has lunch. And again, the juice. This time she adds chamomile or menthol tea to hot water. This blend has a soothing effect. Also, according to sources close to Naomi, she eats a handful of apricot nuts or dried fruits every four hours during the day. Sometimes Naomi allows herself a vegetable salad. She explains her food choice as follows: “As soon as I became a vegetarian, it became difficult for me to decide on the choice of products. Most of the time I carry food with me. ”

There are many prohibitions in her food system: she completely excluded meat, sugar and fried from her diet. Naomi also does not eat after eight in the evening. "If I dine late, then I can not sleep," - says the supermodel.

According to Naomi Campbell, this lifestyle affected her health in the best possible way. “Such a diet is my conscious choice. I do not know how long I will follow him. But now I feel great, ”the supermodel admitted.

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