Butterflies are flowers that were blown off by the wind.

Have you ever watched butterflies?

Isn't that so amazingly beautiful? In particular, their wings, which differ in different butterflies in shape and color. There are big, there are small. There are bright and gloomy, there are monophonic and motley.

In any case, looking at them is difficult to remain indifferent. From this they are so fond of catching children and cats, collecting collectors and drawing inspiration from artists, poets, writers, musicians, and animators.
Once in our city there was a visiting exhibition of butterflies. We visited this exhibition with her granddaughter. The butterflies were just awesome. We have not seen any of the pictures before. I always wondered how such a beautiful caterpillar could grow such a beautiful woman with wonderful wings.
Thanks to the exhibition, we learned something about the life of these beauties. For example, the fact that they cannot be killed, many are listed in the Red Book.
Do you know, for example, how do butterflies differ from moths? Both butterflies and moths are lepidoptera. They differ in lifestyle.Butterflies are diurnal, and moths fly at night. In addition, butterflies are painted more brightly than moths. They also fold wings in different ways. And their antennae are different. In butterflies, they are like antennas, in moths - shaggy. And how many butterflies live? It turns out, depending on the type - from several hours to several weeks.
As soon as the sun warms and flowers bloom, butterflies begin to flit from flower to flower and immediately catch our eye. Children are happy to watch them. They delight them. In many fairy tales depict kind fairies, elves with wings, like butterflies.

I really want summer. Unfortunately, summer does not last forever in our latitudes. But you can surround yourself with reminders of summer.
The first symbol of the summer, of course, is the butterfly. A butterfly is a memory of warm and sunny days, of rest.
Almost all nations of the world have myths and legends about fluttering beauties. The ideas of our ancestors about butterflies are connected with the most significant concepts for a person, such as life, soul, love, happiness.
In the church environment of Christians, a butterfly can be seen on the hand of the infant Christ. She is depicted as a symbol of rebirth and resurrection of the soul.
Buddhists treat these “beauties” with great respect, as the Buddha turned to the butterfly with his preaching.
According to the legends of the ancient Aztec and Indians, butterflies are able to convey the desire of man to heaven. He needs to whisper to the butterfly and let it go, and the desire is sure to come true.
In Japan, a butterfly in a house is a symbol of joy and happiness. In ancient times, the Japanese newlyweds at the wedding were let into the sky a couple of live butterflies, which was considered the key to a further happy married life. Geisha wore images of butterflies on their kimonos, it was believed that with their help one could easily capture the attention of men.
In China, and to this day before marriage, the bridegroom gives a butterfly (living or jade) to his beloved as a sign of unchanging love.
The ancient Romans believed that butterflies are flowers that blew the wind. I really liked this vivid, imaginative expression, and therefore made it into the title of an article about butterflies. I want to share information that I learned. Maybe it will be useful to someone, will become a source of inspiration, thanks to it new ideas for creativity will arise.
Butterflies are amazing and mysterious creatures that excite the minds of humanity for many centuries.
Famous people spent on their study, collecting huge amounts of money. They include English banker Lord Walter Rothschild, Russian writers Vladimir Nabokov and Mikhail Bulgakov, physiologist, academician Ivan Pavlov, one of the leaders of the Russian revolution Nikolay Bukharin, a remarkable entomologist and collector Grand Duke Nikolai Mikhailovich Romanov.
Butterflies have inspired and continue to inspire poets, artists, clothing designers and interiors to create masterpieces.
In the ancient Chinese teachings, Feng Shui butterflies are a symbol of family well-being and should be in every home, as they are the embodiment of joy and love. It is considered best if they “fly” in the bedroom.

Fluttering butterflies remind us of the sun, summer, green lawns, and from this it becomes warm and fun in the soul.

In this interior there will be no place for sadness and sadness. Watching the butterflies you will always be in a good mood.

The butterfly looks good and fits perfectly on the bag and on the shoes, on scarves and shawls. The butterfly feels at ease in luxurious jewelry, and in simple jewelry.

Butterflies inspire designer Dery Aksoy to create unusual costume jewelry.

In the late 60s of the 19th century in Paris began a craze for Japanese art. In Paris, even invited Japanese masters who lectured on the art of the east and conducted master classes. In the wake of this interest, “Japanese motifs” began to appear in jewelry.

Jeweler, beautiful Parisian master Lucien Gaillard. He lived in Paris in 1860-1945.

If we look at the podium, we will see that the butterfly print has been actively played up by designers in their collections for more than a year.

Practically any dress with butterflies will suit a young girl - her image becomes romantic.

A strict and elegant image - abstract drawings, reminiscent of colorful wings of butterflies, "complex", exquisite butterflies.

Fashion designer Luli Yang (Luly Yang) has created a lot of amazing and stunning outfits in her career.

A butterfly dress that Luli Young sewed more than ten years ago.

The author was inspired by the monarch butterfly, which many consider to be the most beautiful butterfly in the world. Luli Young's dress is a real moth made of silk: the same patterns, the same colors, the same lightness!

In my opinion, the author managed to convey the beauty of a butterfly in her work, to create a dress in which a woman resembles an exotic butterfly.I have a little idea about sewing clothes, and I can imagine how great work of craftswomen is laid here!
Currently, Luli Young is a famous Seattle fashion designer specializing in creating wedding and evening dresses. A butterfly dress, which has long become something of a designer's trademark, anyone can see in the shop window of her shop.
For most women in our country, the shows of the Haute Couture collections are wonderful illustrations from fairy tales!
Personally, in my life there are no such outfits and never will be: However, watching the collections of Haute Couture is an exciting and useful exercise. Here are a lot of ideas, here is a source of inspiration!

The collection of Haute Couture spring-summer 2014 French couturier Alexis Mabille, made in the Greek style, delights with tenderness, elegance and grace.

The color scheme includes white, ivory, pale blue hues and a bit of gold. Light loops and capes, delicate feather collars, satin draperies, appliqués and 3D surround decor in the form of flowers looked almost weightless against the backdrop of snow-white butterflies. Butterflies not only decorated the background - they actively participated in creating images of the participants of the show, as they decorated hair, face and clothes.

In lace, the image of a butterfly also occurs quite often.I will definitely take this image into service in one of my works.

And now admire the butterflies in the paintings of artists.

As you probably remember, "still life" is a dead nature. And suddenly (many hundreds of years ago) live butterflies from Blumarine and Iceberg appeared in the “dead nature”.

Beautiful and gentle flyers. A symbol of the fleetingness of life and beauty. This quivering beauty only three days and three nights. And there is no more beauty and admiration. All in the past.

Perhaps that is why a butterfly appeared, in violation of all canons, in old Dutch still lifes.

Balthazar van der Ast - Dutch artist (1594-1657), master of still life.

"Still Life with Flowers and Fruits."

Boschart Ambrosius the Elder (1573 - 1621) - Flemish artist of the golden age of Dutch painting.

On Boskhart's canvases, butterflies or shells are often depicted next to bouquets of flowers.

Adrian Coort "Still Life with Asparagus and Butterfly" 1693g.

The artist and illustrator Friedrich Hechelmann was born on February 28, 1948 in the city of Isny, Germany.

Throughout his career, Friedrich Hechelmann illustrated many children's books, wrote screenplays for films, was engaged in design, and in all he succeeded.

In the artist's illustrations for his book "I give you 100 butterflies" - flutter like luminous flowers, his famous butterflies. The most beautiful poems of Edward Merike, Heinrich Heine, Joseph von Eichendorff, Rainer Maria Rilke make this book truly magical.



In the framework of a small article it is impossible to show all the illustrations of this wonderful book. But even on the photos already shown it can be judged that they are fabulous and beautiful!

Futaro Mitsuki (彌 月 風 太 朗).
A young artist or an artist (I never managed to find out) from Japan was born in 1970 in Tokyo. With a bachelor’s degree, he completed his studies at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Faculty of Fine Arts). In 1998 he received a master's degree. His works are made on paper with pencil and acrylic and are very interesting. I am not an expert in this field, but I can also see how the smallest details are carefully written out on the canvases of the artist.

Japanese artist Fujishima Takeji (Fujishima Takeji, 1867-1943).

In the culture of ancient Japan, various experiences of the soul were significant, and they were shown with the help of a picturesque metaphor.


Wonderful bright flowers and butterflies by Korean artist Hahn Eun-Sun.

Such a bright palette! These pictures are antidepressant! They amaze with their grace and beauty!

But the gentle images of Chinese artist Wendy Ng.

Girls in her paintings of pastel tones seem to fly out of a fairy tale, capturing beauty and femininity. Her works are magical, pictures can be viewed endlessly.

Wendy Angie (Wendy Ng) was born in Hong Kong, but has received education in the US, Belgium and England. She holds a degree in Graphic Designer and Illustrator in Advertising and Publishing.

St. Petersburg painter Dmitry Kustanovich, our contemporary. And here are his magical butterflies!

There are so much light and air in his works that it seems that now you will make a step and you are already in the meadow. Easy, elegant, realistic, but at the same time and fabulous.

His handwriting is very recognizable and quite popular. Dmitry Kustanovich's paintings are bought by collectors, and just amateurs, also for the purpose of cash deposits.

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