Burger Style Lessons: How to Dress Plus Size Models

Completeness is no reason to put on a cross. Industry fashion and beauty at your service.

In 2010, Tara Lynn appeared on the cover of the French magazine Elle. Photo session caused a stir. At that time, Tara was the 56th size of clothes. Fashion designers were forced to admit: fashion is changing, and not all women want to fit into dresses of the 36th size. They want to be fashionable and pick clothes on the figure!

 plus-size photo models
Tara lynn
Photo: @taralynn

If you still think that fashion exists only for slender people, and it’s impossible to find things of suitable size in stores, then this is a delusion. Completeness is no reason to put on a cross. Industry fashion and beauty at your service. We offer five rules, which are successfully used by well-known girls weighty advantages.

1. Start by taking care of yourself.

Western plus size models Christina Mendez, Kristal Renn, Ashley Graham are full of optimism. “People’s views linger on me because I’m sure that I’m beautiful,” Ashley said in her interviews. These women love their body.Taking care of yourself brings them joy and a good income.

 plus-size photo models
 plus-size photo models
 plus-size photo models
Christina Mendez
Photo: @modelchristinamendez
Crystal Rennes
Photo: @ crystalball1111
Ashley grim
Photo: @theashleygraham

What prevents us from visiting a good cosmetologist, making time for a massage, manicure, finding our own stylist? Only laziness and dislike for yourself! It is important to accept yourself in your size and take care of your appearance.

“After the birth of my second child, I have been weighing 20+ for a year now. On the wedding anniversary, my husband gave me a gift certificate from a lingerie store. And it seemed like it dawned on me: I have been saving myself for a whole year, wearing “pregnant” little things. I can not accept my new body. But this is wrong, ”says a young mother named Mila on her blog.

By the way, her star-namesake Milla Jovovich also gained weight after pregnancy. But the weight is not a hindrance to look well-groomed and accept yourself.

2. Capsule wardrobe: you always have plenty to choose from.

It is wrong to think that it is impossible to find suitable things in fashion stores. Today, many successful women whose size is 50+ turn to the services of shoppers and stylists. And believe me, stylists do not eat their bread for nothing! They do an excellent job with the tasks.Composing capsular wardrobes for autumn for large customers with the selection of specific items in specific stores is the most popular service on the market. At the same time, customers often prefer shops with an average price policy, rather than exclusive boutiques.

If you want to assemble your capsule wardrobe on your own, learn from the professionals! For example, our former compatriot, stylist Anna Germanova, who now lives in California, gives clear and practical advice on her YouTube channel and on Instagram pages.

 plus-size photo models
 plus-size photo models
Photo: @annagermanova
Photo: @annagermanova

The peculiarity of capsular wardrobe is interchangeability and mutual complementarity of things. Things from one capsule are ideally combined in color, texture. They have a similar style. As a rule, they are compiled within one season. Capsule - ideal for travel (both business and tourist). Capsules for work and office is a real designer, when you can play daily by combining a limited number of things.

3. Multi-layered with clear lines.

A distinctive feature of the wardrobe in the cold season - autumn, winter - is multi-layered.In the cold, we want to pull on a sweater-cardigan-waistcoat. Yes, a lot more. So warmer! There is no place for fashion. And here and there, progressive women consider weighty merits!

“Avoid shapeless clothes, she, contrary to popular opinion, does not disguise the flaws of the figure, but fills even more,” advises Katya Zharkova, the famous plus size model.

 plus-size photo models
Katya Zharkova
Photo: @katyazharkova

A shapeless knit that adds even more volume can and should be found an alternative. For example, elongated vests and jackets with a clear shoulder line. Such things structure and pull the silhouette, making us slimmer. Important: the jacket or elongated vest can be worn on a blouse or on a dress. Ideal - with a fastener on one button. Or wear unbuttoned. Jackets and tunics of asymmetrical cut are also good. Depending on the growth length may vary.

4. Focus on dignity

We are all very different. But everyone, without exception, has that “zest” on which it is necessary to focus attention. And thus distract from the shortcomings. For example, if you have a beautiful long neck, accent this with a boat neckline. If you have slender ankles, slightly open them, wearing fashionable pants 7/8.Graceful wrists accentuate three-quarter sleeves or rolled up cuffs. The basic rule is to work with proportions. The top should balance the strict bottom and vice versa. Stylist Karina Kaprieva (by the way, the owner of the magnificent forms herself) worked for a long time in the team of the “Fashion sentence” on Channel One. She is confident that “absolutely any figure” can be wrapped “in an attractive candy wrapper”.

 plus-size photo models
Photo: @karinakapri_stylist

5. Selection of accessories

Accessories - this is the surest way to give completeness to the image. The right accessories make our look stylish and different from others. The author of the book "The Parisian and Her Style" Ines De La Fressange gives universal tips that can be applied regardless of the size of our dress.

 plus-size photo models
Photo: @inesdelafressangeofficial

“Think carefully about the details of your image. A stylish bright accessory, a clutch bag or a handkerchief will liven up your outfit and prove that there is still life in the old dog box, says Ines. - Wear a beautiful jewelry, it diversifies the most simple things from your wardrobe. Leave uncomfortable studs for special occasions. Buy yourself beautiful ballet flats or loafers. ”

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