Bulk paper flowers for mom on March 8

Bulk paper flowers for mom on March 8March 8 is a tender spring holiday, bringing a lot of joy and happiness to all women of the planet. On this day, every child wants to give his mother love, thank you for your work and care. Congratulate your mother with all my heart, tell me how much you love and appreciate her. Warm words, your smile and a pleasant surprise will make her holiday special.


If you want to prepare a special gift for your mother, do not rush to run to the store, because you can make it yourself. We offer you step by step instructions with photos, how to make bulk flowers from paper.


Such a gift is sure to please your mother and will please her every day. Just imagine how he would decorate her room, standing on a bedside table near the bed or on the windowsill.


What materials should be prepared?


For the manufacture of the original bouquet, you will need several sheets of double-sided colored paper, scissors and glue stick. For the stalk of the flower, take the green sheets,and for a bud it is better to pick up paper of different colors - yellow, pink, red and orange, then your bouquet will look brighter and more fun.


Step-by-step instruction


1. First, cut a square from an orange sheet, for this you can use a pencil and a ruler to correctly measure the sides.
2. Then bend it four times in a straight line and diagonal to make lines, as shown in the photo.


Bulk paper flowers for mom on March 8


3. In the middle of each side of the square, make a small incision of a few centimeters.
4. Slip the edges together overlap, as in the picture, apply glue on the inside and join.


Bulk paper flowers for mom on March 8


5. Do this on each side to make a flower bud. Make sure that the folds are even. If you did everything right, a pentagon should form in the center of the bud.
6. A little advice: when forming a flower and joining the sides of a bud, do not use a lot of glue, otherwise the paper may be sodden and tear. Be sure to let the glue dry so that the bud is stronger and does not change shape.


Bulk paper flowers for mom on March 8


7. For making the flower stalk, take a green paper. Roll it along the long side into a thin tube, after spreading the edge with glue. Wait a little while the glue dries.


Bulk paper flowers for mom on March 8


8.On one side of the leg, make 5 incisions length of about 1-2 centimeters, bend the edges to the outside and apply glue on them.
9. The resulting stem with folded edges attach to the base of the bud, as shown in the photo. Hold lightly to keep the paper stuck. Your flower is ready!


Bulk paper flowers for mom on March 8


Now you can make some more flower buds of different colors to make a colorful bouquet.


Some more tips


Do not be afraid to experiment when creating this gift. For example, you can use paper with a pattern or ornaments, then the flowers will look original and unusual. Corrugated paper is also suitable for buds, it can add even more volume.


Ready-made flowers can be decorated with sparkles or rhinestones. To do this, carefully glue the buds with glue, then sprinkle with sequins. If you paste a few rhinestones in the shape of drops on each flower, they will look like morning dew on real flowers.


Bulk paper flowers for mom on March 8


By the way, flower buds can also be tentatively signed by placing a few words for mom on paper.


Bulk paper flowers - a great gift for March 8. It has many advantages, such a bouquet is simple in execution and does not require complex or expensive materials. After all, you can always find home sheets of colored paper.In addition, paper flowers can stand for a very long time and never wilt.


A gift made with your own hands always radiates warmth and love, which is why it is so valued. Give your mother a bouquet of paper flowers, and you will see how happy and pleasantly surprised she is!

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