British shorthair cat

British shorthair cat stands out among other breeds with its thick short wool of special texture, thick cheeks and characteristic "smile", which makes the animal look like a teddy bear.



The origin of the British cat



The breed has an ancient origin. According to one version, the ancient Romans brought cats to Britain. The climate and geography of the British Isles formed a new breed, which marked the beginning of the development of the modern British Shorthair. According to another version, it is believed that these cats were brought out by French monks in the middle of the sixteenth century, and they tried to save the breed only in their monastery, selling only castrated animals to the side. Representatives of the British Shorthair breed are physically resilient, and thanks to unusual wool they look very beautiful and noble. Images of cats resembling the British Shorthair look are found in ancient prints, which indicates that the breed existed thousands of years ago. At that time, the British had only striped color.For the first time the breed took part in the exhibition of cats in London in 1880. A few years later, the first pedigree appeared. During the Second World War, the British were almost completely destroyed. But enthusiasts were able to restore livestock. The British Shorthair is one of the most natural breeds, it has undergone a slight change in order to improve the exterior, so the cat has good health. British Shorthair is the first officially recognized breed of cats in the UK.


The head of the British is round, with wide cheekbones and well developed cheeks. The neck is thick and short. The nose is wide, medium length or short. The forehead is round, the transition to the nose is noticeable. Strong chin. Eyes round, large and widely set, often bright orange. Ears are small, rounded, low set. British Shorthair have a large or medium size, body muscular squat. The back is short straight. Chest, shoulders and hips are massive, wide. The legs are thick and short, the paws are round. The tail is thick, not long, rounded at the tip. The coat is dense, short, shiny, with a thick undercoat.Wool should not be too soft, long and close.



For the British shorthair breed is characterized by a large variety of colors. To date, there are more than 60 species. The most common is blue color - wool is bluish-gray, evenly colored, eyes are orange. The British Shorthair chocolate cat has a chocolate-brown hair and copper-colored eyes. A cream cat has a pale cream coat and copper eyes. There is a white, black, red, tortoise and Siamese color. Eye color matches coat color. White cats have blue eyes or different colors.


British character



The British Shorthair has a friendly, calm and affectionate character. As true British, they are calm, noble and intellectuals. Cats love the owner and his society very much, but at the same time they are unobtrusive and rather curious. The British are sociable, love children, get along well with other animals. Despite their outward gentleness, these aristocrats have a truly strong character and cannot stand unceremonious treatment. These cats are intelligent and independent.They are patient and not prone to aggression, but if necessary, are able to demonstrate claws, so do not trust the "toy" appearance. Cats of this breed do not jump on their knees, they prefer to sit next to each other. Like most cats, the British like to be stroked. These cats do not like to sit on their hands. If they are picked up and squeezed, they will pull back and push off with their hind legs. Representatives of this breed are not amenable to training, like many of their relatives. They are very independent and quick-witted, so it’s useless to educate them, and it’s not necessary. The British are very clean, they spend a lot of time tidying up their “fur coats”, they are easy to get used to the toilet. The British are quite active, mobile and playful, despite their solid size and weight. They are quite independent and do not need a permanent host company, they feel great in solitude. Thanks to the "good" genes, the British have excellent health, stable psyche, endurance, hunting instincts.


The British need constant physical exertion. Especially not to forget about it, if the cat lives in a city apartment. It is necessary to carry out daily games with a cat.To do this, use balls, candy wrappers on a string, artificial mice, flies and other objects. To ensure the cat a full life, you can purchase a special "cat house" or "cat tree." This device is great for outdoor games: the cat will be happy to jump on its levels. This tree serves as a scratching post and a resting place for a cat.


Care for a short-haired cat



Briton's hair is short and taking care of it will not take much time. Wool must be combed once a week. During the molting period, daily wool combing is recommended.


It is believed that the British have a tendency to some dental diseases, so you should carefully monitor the oral cavity, regularly remove dental deposits.


Keep in mind that the British are prone to corpulence, so they can not overfeed. Particularly contraindicated fatty foods.

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