Brazilian housewives method will add shine to your kitchen stove

It is good when the house smells like pies, and hot soup is smoked on the stove, and delicious burgers are roasted. But the meal time passes, and the stove needs to be washed from grease stains and runaway cereals. How to do it quickly, qualitatively, with little effort, time and with the least damage to the surface of the plate?

This method was suggested to us by Brazilian housewives.

1. Clean the cooker as you normally do, using a detergent to remove fat. But do not rush to rinse off the detergent!

2. Take paper towels and remove all foam and food residue from the surface of the cooker.

3. Apply a little, literally, a few drops of regular table vinegar to the surface and wipe the entire plate with the help of all the same paper towels.

That's all. Your cooker is new again.

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