Bracelet made of ribbon and beads

Very beautiful and original jewelry can be created from the most ordinary things. For example, you can create such a nice bracelet made of ribbon and beads.
 Bracelet made from ribbon and beads
For this we need fishing line, beads, ribbon (satin or organza), needle, scissors, cigarette lighter or candle. We select a ribbon of such width that it coincides with the diameter of the beads. The needle should be with a narrow eyelet. Instead of fishing line, you can use thread by tape color.
 for the bracelet need
We wind off the line 20 cm long. We do not need the entire length, it is necessary for the convenience of stringing beads and ribbons. Let's cut the line in the needle's eye and tie a double knot on one end only.
 we pass through the needle
Take a ribbon 50 cm long. Retreating from the free end of 15 cm, we pierce the tape from the bottom with a needle.
 satin ribbon
Next, we make two stitches with a regular seam (1, 5 cm each).The stitch length depends on the diameter of the beads, which we will select for your bracelet.
 needle into a ribbon
String a bead on a fishing line and pierce the ribbon with a needle down perpendicular to the extreme point of the bead .
 string the bead
After retreating 1, 5 cm, we remove the needle to the top and again string the bead. Thus, we string 8 more beads.
 string bead
At the end, as in the beginning, we make two simple stitches without beads.
string the bead
Holding the knot in the beginning, we tighten the beads to each other. We straighten fingers with the received "harmonica".
 Ribbon and Bead Bracelet
When you have achieved the desired effect, we tie a double knot at the end and trim the excess end.
You need to hide the knots from the line, so in their place we will tie knots from the ribbon on both sides. Do not over tighten.It is necessary to preserve the visual lightness of the bracelet and such nodes are needed to hide small flaws.
 Bracelet made from ribbon and beads
Cut off the edges of the ribbon under with an oblique angle and burn them with a lighter, barely touching the fire.
As a result, we received an original bracelet, which was made by hand.
 Ribbon and Bead Bracelet

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