Blouses with open shoulders: the top five for hot summer

Blouse, exposing the shoulders and clavicle, it seems, is becoming a symbol of this summer. The secret of success in the mood and presentation: in the shirt you feel very feminine, but do not worry about the naked places. Perhaps this is a sure alternative to ascetic tops in lingerie style or not always appropriate neckline. The scope of the audience is also striking: blouses with open shoulders are used by both students and mothers on maternity leave. We consider the best versions of "and in the feast and in the world" from Russian designers.

Folklore motifs

The brand Loom - the long-sighted newcomer of the season - set its sights on the image of the Russian beauty. The collection is full of lush, embroidered and folklore. Flax, batiste and lace prevail among the materials. The founders of the brand Svetlana Rodina and Julia Osipova believe that their creations are addressed to active and fashionable girls. But it seems to us that also by all means romantic. Blouses with open shoulders turned out to be gentle and weekend. I really want to wear one of them and have a picnic in the park!

Blouse Loom (price on request)

Blouse Loom (price on request)

Basic classics

With a good discount you can buy now the top I’m Studio. He moderately dressed, easily fits into the girl's wardrobe, loyal to both weekdays and weekends. The choice of two colors - blue and beige. The blouse is tailored and sewn unobtrusively, so it will not get bored and will not lose relevance. The brand is praised for the excellent fit, decent fabric and design, which, in general, can be seen in this example.

Blouse with open shoulders from cotton sewing I’m Studio
I’m Studio Cotton Sewing Off Shoulder Blouse
(4 830 rubles. At a discount of 30%)

The effect of a forgotten skirt

Blouses LN Family fit fashionistas with irony. Pompons, bulky ruffles or rich colors - all this will play in favor of a great summer mood. For the right proportions, the deliberate volumetric top is successfully combined with mini skirts or shorts. The most accurate option is to create the deceptive feeling that you forgot to wear something else besides the top. For the brand LN Family meets the duet of Larissa Safutdinova and Natalia Nikiforova. The girls were trained in the fashion house of Vyacheslav Zaitsev, and in 2013 they made their debut with the first collection.

 (4 830 rub. On 30% discount)

Blouse free cut with flounces (7 000 rub.)

Universal Soldier"

A laconic, voluminous, pleasant color - a blouse with flash-branded sleeves brand Flashin is good for its obvious versatility.It does not matter what you have in your arsenal: snow-white jeans, bold short shorts or a mini-skirt - the blouse will fit everything. Mark was founded by two buyers - Inna Onor and Anna Orlova - in 2011 and focused on comfortable things for every day. Not just the brand’s sweatshirt can be considered a sweatshirt found in each collection.

Blouse free cut with flounces (7 000 rub.)

Blouse Flashin (6 248 rub.)

Sensual elegance

The young brand Flambe specializes in flawless shirts, and our collection is, of course, soloed by our favorites with open shoulders. Urban and comfortable, these blouses are made from Neapolitan cotton and are tailored especially sensually. The one in the large cell goes to red lipstick, snow-white accessories, denim and, of course, will appeal to all the most fashionable girls in the city. You can buy shirts in Podium Market, Aizel, Garderob.

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