Black dots - a problem you want to forget

How difficult it is to maintain the skin in perfect condition: the acne popping at the most inappropriate moment, the acne racked, and the frequent bruises under the eyes and the fresh color of the face - and all the eternal problem of many girls.

But even if you are lucky, and nature has protected you from such troubles, then the problem of black dots - applies to almost everyone from adolescence, and what is most sad, if you don’t start to fight it correctly and in a timely manner, you can live in your beautiful face forever!

Most of the girls who are very reverent about their appearance, first of all, try to contact the beauty salon to see a beautician, however, there are many ways that allow you to cope with this problem and on your own.

Many suffer from this problem.

First, you need to understand what black points are and where they come from on the nose and other areas of the skin of the face, and only then options are considered how to get rid of them once and for all.

If we turn to the medical rationale, where, by the way, they are called open comedones, the black dots are the open pores of the skin in which corks have formed due to accumulating sebum. The dark color is due to the oxidation product melanin.

Most experts claim that this problem is a disease of adolescence, which will disappear as soon as puberty is complete. However, the majority of girls face such a problem at the age of 20 and at the age of 25, and with age, if you don’t learn how to properly care for your skin and fight this ailment, they are getting more and more.

By the way, it is also a mistake to assume that open comedones can only occur in representatives of oily skin. Such points can appear both on normal and dry skin, and the matter is that accumulated particles of dust and dirt that were not removed in time.

The main causes of

If you are not given a teenager, but on the chin, cheeks, and wings of the nose, unpleasant black dots continue to appear, then perhaps one or several of the reasons below are the reason for their appearance.In this case, it is very important not only to use external means for skin care, but also to eliminate the possible cause of comedones.

  • Incorrect food. It has long been known that all that we consume in food, over time, affects our appearance, and the skin is the first organ that clearly signals a problem. Avoid excessive consumption of spicy, fatty and sweet foods, exclude fried and baked, and also forget about caffeine and alcohol. Such a diet will not only help you get rid of black dots, but in general, heal your body and improve the complexion.
  • Failure to maintain proper skin care. Do not forget to thoroughly clean the skin at night, do not be lazy to wash off makeup every evening, and also remember about prevention: weekly masks and facial scrubs are an integral part of skin care. If you yourself can not find the right cosmetic products, then contact your cosmetologist for help.
  • Heredity. If your next of kin also complain of such a phenomenon, then, unfortunately, it will be doubly difficult to deal with it.
  • Bad environmental situation. Specialists in this field have noted that too hot and humid air, as well as air pollution, can influence the appearance of comedones. If you live in such climatic conditions, then try to clean your skin more often.

How to get rid of them forever?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of black spots in a short time, is manual or hardware cleaning, which is recommended in the cosmetology office.

This method can hardly be called new, because it was actively used in Soviet times, of course, it is manual cleaning that is more appreciated, since a specialist can cope with the procedure much more efficiently and accurately. If you go to the salon for cleaning is not possible, then it can be done at home, which is also a very good way to remove the hated points.

They spoil our face

To do this, you must first clean your face with makeup remover, and then wipe your face with a cleansing lotion. Next, we carry out the peeling procedure: apply a scrub on the skin against black spots and massage the skin for a few minutes.

It should be remembered that the inflamed skin can not be cleaned in this way, otherwise you can only aggravate its condition. If you do not want to use the purchased products, you can prepare such a scrub at home: for this you need to mix sugar, salt and crushed apricot bones, and to soften add honey and olive oil.

Thanks to this procedure, exfoliated dead skin cells improve blood supply and skin cleanses.

Instead of salt, you can use coffee grounds, chopped nuts, and instead of honey or butter you can use yogurt or sour cream. By the way, it is dairy products that are very effective in combating comedones, besides, they soften the skin well.

There is an opinion that it is impossible to squeeze out black dots, because you can bring an infection that will negatively affect your appearance, and treatment will have to be carried out against various inflammations.

In fact, it is possible to squeeze out these hated points, however, it is important to carefully prepare for this procedure. In fact, when cleaning, the beautician in the salon does the same, just observes all the safety rules that you can adhere to at home.

Clay cleans the skin well

For these purposes, after you have washed off the scrub, it is necessary for the skin to make a steam bath that softens the upper layer and allows it to “breathe”. To do this, you need to hold your face over the bath with a hot decoction of herbs, chamomile or linden will do; cover your head with a towel so that all the steam goes to your skin.

The procedure will take a lot of time, it is important to thoroughly steam the skin so that comedones are then easily removed. Then the crucial moment - disinfect hands with alcohol, wash your face thoroughly and proceed with the procedure. The points are easy to remove, if the skin is well softened, it’s enough to press on each eel from both sides.

By the way, a good alternative to manual extrusion is a special patch in the form of strips that are glued to the affected places.

Another good tool is the gelatin mask. It is necessary to mix 100 ml of milk with two tablespoons of gelatin, heat, but the main thing is not to bring to a boil. After 20 minutes, put the container with your mixture in a water bath, stir until a completely homogeneous mass is formed.

We apply a warm mass on the face with a napkin that needs to be soaked in it, do not forget to pre-clean the skin. The layer on the face should be thick, so wait until the first layer dries out and apply another one on top.

Wait until the gelatinous mask hardens (about 30 minutes), and then pick up the edge of the formed film and gently pull up. If the mask is correct, then small bumps should remain on its surface. After the procedure, we lubricate the face with a moisturizer.

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