Biopic about Britney Spears, first trailer

Very soon - February 18 - Lifetime TV channel will show a biographical film about Britney Spears. It's difficult to treat celebrity life with movie without sarcasm, but still it should be looked at at least for two reasons.

Firstly, this is the first biopic about a girl who woke up famous after the hit Baby One More Time. Then there were 100 million copies of albums scattered all over the world - and if you count even singles, then all 200 million will be gathered! - and the fall, no less fast than the path to fame (Brit shaved her head bald and hid from everyone in the rehabilitation center). Yes, such a turbulent story deserves a film adaptation!

Secondly, the main role in the biopic was played by Natasha Bassett, an actress you can remember in the film “Long Live Caesar!” By the Coen brothers. Britney herself categorically refused not only to participate in the project, but did not even approve the script. Maybe it is for the better - the picture will turn out less glossy and more truthful.

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