Biography of Bogatikov Alexander

The name of Bogatikov Alexander Alexandrovich is known to many of our compatriots - the citizens of Russia. After all, this, without the slightest exaggeration, a brilliant entrepreneur contributed to the development of many sectors of our country. Due to this, many Russians at the moment have a reliable partner that provides high-quality and stable transportation of goods throughout the country and abroad.

We are talking about a company called "Business Lines" - the flagship among the many freight forwarders. Today, the company has many achievements, and also began to carry out air cargo.

Owner biography

The biography of Alexander Bogatikov is rich in numerous interesting facts, as well as achievements that have become a motivation for many novice businessmen. Alexander was born in the summer of 1977. He spent all his childhood and youth in the Stavropol region, which is rich in scenic landscapes, historical monuments and has a beautiful nature.

The future entrepreneur from school years showed perseverance and a desire for knowledge, therefore, immediately after its completion, he passed the entrance exams at BSTU named after Ustinov without any problems. It was during his student years that he thought about business activities. In particular, began to actively show interest in the field of logistics. Alexander Bogatikov himself explains such interest by the fact that there were no reliable and competent employers in this industry in the entire Stavropol Territory.

After a brilliant graduation from the university, the future entrepreneur was at a crossroads and for a long time could not choose between pursuing scientific activities and entrepreneurship. As a result, the choice fell on the latter.

The foundation and flourishing of "Business Line" by Alexander Bogatikov

Before you put your dream into practice, Alexander Bogatikov did some business in the trade sector for a while. This period helped him not only to gain experience and knowledge, but also to establish relations with suppliers, and most importantly - to meet great people who became his reliable partners!

Together with them, Alexander Bogatikov "Business Line" was able to successfully establish in 2001.The company had a modest start-up capital by the standards of the industry, so it was initially planned that it would provide its services only within the North-West Federal District. This circumstance served the fact that the head office was located in St. Petersburg.

Simplify the complex and lengthy process of transportation is the main motto of the company, which has become its philosophy. To ensure simplicity and introduce a transparent process of transportation and maintain it at the proper level, Alexander Bogatikov is actively engaged in the study and implementation of new technologies. In this, he is assisted by the experience of foreign colleagues, which he began to study in detail during his student years.

Today, the company is a leader in the field of logistics and transportation, and is also a good example for other companies that are striving to make their services high-quality, affordable and convenient for customers.

The owner of “Business Lines” Alexander Alexandrovich Bogatikov pays considerable attention to his subordinates. He sincerely believes that the success and development of any firm directly correlates with the success and development of employees.Therefore, it is not uncommon for the specialists of his company to build their career from scratch; being ordinary employees, they “grew up” to directors of entire departments.

Successes and achievements in numbers

Today, “Business Lines” is actively developing, providing services for the delivery of groupage cargoes by various types of transport: by air, road, and also transports various goods by light-duty transport and eurotrucks.

The company boasts:

  • own fleet, which contains more than 4,000 units of transport;
  • numerous staffs of which there are about 20,000 (!);
  • constantly growing turnover and profit;
  • branches in 140 cities and towns.

Among other things, the company has many warehouses for storage, as well as engaged in outsourcing logistics services.

Personal life, hobbies and entertainment

The founder of "Business Line" Alexander Alexandrovich Bogatikov admits that free time for him is a real luxury. However, when he manages to get it, he devotes it to his own family — his wife and son.

Alexander prefers outdoor activities and physical education.His favorite sport is football. He likes to listen to music, as well as to read classical and popular literature. He likes to travel in different countries and regions (hiking, camping).

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