"Great Game" and 5 more new films of the weekend

Producer:Stanley tucci
Cast:Army Hammer, Jeffrey Rush, Clemence Poetry, Tony Sharub, James Faulkner

A refined drama about how the great artist Alberto Giacometti painted a portrait of the journalist and writer James Lord. His next directorial work Stanley Tucci based on the memories of James Lord himself.
"The last portrait" is an attempt to penetrate into the nature of creativity, to catch the moment when high art manifests itself through the tortures of perfectionism, dissatisfaction and insecurity.

"Who is our dad, dude?"

Two brothers find out who their mother was sleeping with.

Producer:Lawrence Cher
Cast:Owen Wilson, Christopher Walken, JK Simmons, Ed Helms, Glenn Close, Wing Reims, Catherine Aselton

Not very funny, rather awkward comedy from the operator of "The Bachelor Party in Vegas" and the fresh "Godzilla" by Lawrence Cher. Two twins, completely different from each other, learn that the father, whom they considered dead, is alive and well.The catch is that their mother (Glenn Close) has no idea who he is. The brothers go in search of an unknown father, meeting with all the elderly gentlemen who forty years ago had an intimate relationship with their mother. Potential dad found a lot, but the main result of the trip was the establishment of very different family ties.

“Bahubali: Birth of a Legend”

Heroic fairy-tale melodrama in the style of Bollywood.

Producer:S.S. Rajamuli
Cast:Prabhas, Rana Daghubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamanna Bhatia

“Bahubali” has become the highest grossing Indian film in the history. The first part of “Bahubali: the Beginning” came out in 2015 and also conquered the rental, collecting about $ 100 million. If you have not watched, do not worry: you will understand the second part, and not seeing the first. Shiva, the ruler of a fantastic country, learns about how his father died, and is trying to regain the throne belonging to him by right. “Bahubali: The Birth of a Legend” is a magnificent spectacular film based on Bollywood traditions: bright colors, heroic deeds, hypertrophied emotions, stunning mass scenes and, of course, songs and dances.

"Fear your desires"

Stupid scary movie with a girl from Fargo.

Producer:John R. Leonetti
Cast:Joey King, Ryan Phillip, Lee Gui-Hon, Mitchell Slaggert, Shannon Purser, Sydney Park

Unreleased horror movie with pretty young actress Joey King in the title role. Joey was remembered for the film “I would like to be here” and the first season of “Fargo”, in which she was still a child. Now the eighteen-year-old actress has a crucial time when it is necessary to show that all her merits are not only in children's charisma.
In the hands of Claire falls old box that can fulfill wishes. The girl wants all sorts of nonsense in order to become more popular, and gradually it turns out that the box controls it. All mystical films with a quiet schoolgirl who gained unusual power resemble Carrie a little bit, but the creators of the film “Fear Your Desires” do not seem to reread Stephen King as much as second-rate teen comedies.

"Big game"

Successful directorial debut Oscar-winning screenwriter "Social Network."

Producer:Aaron Sorkin
Cast:Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Kevin Costner, Michael Cera, Jeremy Strong

Molly Bloom is called the princess of poker.This clever and beautiful opened the most luxurious private casino, which managed huge amounts of celebrities, businessmen and mafia. It was because of the Russian mafia in New York that Molly Bloom was suspected of money laundering, but was acquitted. In the "Big Game", Miss Bloom's lawyer is played by the charismatic Idris Elba.
You should go to this film to listen to Sorkin’s proprietary dialogues (he wrote the script himself) and admire Molly Bloom performed by Jessica Chastain, demonstrating unbending will and mind framed by a stunning neckline.

"It's only begining"

Gerontological comedy with signs of a sense of humor.

Producer:Ron shelton
Cast:Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones, Rene Russo, Glenn Hadley, Jane Seymour, Cheryl Lee Ralph

The former lawyer (Morgan Freeman), who defended the mafia, successfully hides under the witness protection program at a luxury resort for those over 60. The former FBI agent (Tommy Lee Jones) also comes there. He distracts the attention of the guests of the villa to himself, than the former lawyer enrages. When the resort claims the representatives of the mafia, the evening and does not cease to be languid.

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