Best films of the Cannes Film Festival in recent years

Cannes Festival is an important event in the world of cinema. There are films that are worthy of attention, but not all are truly worthwhile. And what pictures shown at the festival can be called the best in recent years?

Top 10 best films of the Cannes Film Festival for 2014-2015:

  1. "Hibernation". This picture received the Golden Palm in 2015. In Anatolia, the Othello hotel is located, run by the impressive Aydin. Previously, he was an actor, and quite successful. Now his head is gray, and glory is long forgotten. With Aidin live his incredibly beautiful wife Nihal and sister Nekla, who not so long ago divorced her husband. And everything would go on as usual, if not for a heavy snowfall, which literally cut off the hotel from civilization. And the three heroes of the picture are imprisoned in this place and face loneliness, misunderstanding and their own vices.Nackla misses her husband, whom she loves and adores so far. And Aydin and Nihal, whose relations previously seemed quite normal, understand that everything is not so smooth. Will all three be able to escape from this captivity?
  2. "Mommy". This film was one of the best in 2014, according to the jury. The main character, Diana, is whimsical, impulsive and at the same time very confident in herself. But grief literally knocks her out of the rut. After the death of her beloved husband, Diana makes a difficult decision that has changed her whole life. She takes her native son Steve from the boarding school for “difficult” children. He may seem like the most common teenager, the bouts of unreasonable anger, arising suddenly from time to time, make everyone around afraid. Diana does not cope with her son and decides to seek help from her modest stuttering neighbor Kayle. She has enough of her own problems, but still she decides to help. But will she be able to become a link between Kyle and his mother?
  3. Foxhunter. The director of this film, Bennett Miller, in 2014 was recognized as the best at the festival. The scenario is a real story from the life of the multimillionaire John Dupont and the Schultz brothers.A businessman and a true patriot decided to help the national team of wrestlers to win gold at the Olympic Games and, right in his huge mansion, organized a training base. For help, he turned to Mark Schulz, who had already received a gold medal at the Olympics. Also comes to the rescue and brother Mark Dave, who is also very successful and is in excellent physical shape. And, probably, young athletes would have succeeded, but the eccentric DuPont decided to start a dangerous game, the consequences of which can be very sad.
  4. "Leviathan"- Russian film, for the script which in 2014 won the prize director Andrei Zveaghintsev. And the reward is deserved, because the plot is really fascinating. It contains biblical motifs that resonate with the cruel realities of the modern world. In a small coastal town there lived a simple man who decided to fight lawlessness. False and corrupt mayor of the city and the owner of a large company decided to take his house and land from him. Of course, they did not expect to face such fierce resistance. The capital lawyer decides to intervene in the confrontation, but because of this, the situation is only aggravated.The mayor connects all his connections to crush the obstinate fighter for justice. What will end this struggle for the truth?
  5. "Goodbye speech". This picture received a jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. It may seem a set of scenes, pictures and sounds, but if you dig deeper, you can find a deep meaning. In the story, two completely different people fell in love with each other. She is a young student who managed to get married. He is a lonely middle-aged philosopher. It would seem that these two are so close that nothing and no one can separate them. But ironically, they can't communicate. The means of communication and the link between them is a dog that feels everything and sees this world through and through. She is able to convey feelings and emotions, but not words. Is this enough?
  6. "Dipan". This film in 2015 was marked as the best, for which he received the Golden Palm. Three refugees flee Sri Lanka hoping to find refuge in Paris. The man is a former militant of the Tamil Tigers group, who lost his child and wife in his homeland. On the way to France, he meets a completely unfamiliar woman and her daughter. To escape, the refugees pretend to be a family.Dipan is the surname indicated in the fake documents and links all three. Gradually, the characters begin to converge and realize that the roads are to each other. Together, they oppose the cruelty of the immigrant quarter and other realities of this world.
  7. "Miracles". This creation in 2014 won the grand prix. Wolfgang is the father of four girls. He is despotic, conservative and very strict. But all these qualities are explained only by the fact that a man just wants to protect his children from the modern cruel world. The family lives on the outskirts of a small Italian town and is engaged in beekeeping, which brings a good income. Since childhood, girls and who do not even know what is happening in the real world work in the apiary. The daughters would continue to live in ignorance, but the hot summer changed everything. The estate crew came to the transfer of "Wonderland." And thanks to this, an adolescent boy turned up in the apiary, who turned the life of the family upside down. The eldest of the daughters of Gelsomina realized that somewhere far away completely different life. She and her sisters will never be the same.
  8. "The Newest Covenant". Although this film was not honored with major awards and received only a prize from the International Confederation of Feature Film, it undoubtedly also deserves attention.According to the plot in Brussels there lives a seemingly ordinary man who has a terrible relationship with his daughter and who is considered a home tyrant. But in fact, this is the real God who manages all his affairs through a computer. Once, he quarrels with his daughter, and she, angry, decides to leave home. But in order to harm his father, she hacks the computer and sends sms with exact dates of their death to all the inhabitants of the planet. God goes in search of a girl and is horrified by what the world he created really is.
  9. Lobster. This picture with an unusual name in 2015 won the jury prize. The plot is somewhat strange, but it is he who catches the audience. Events unfold in the near future, in which everyone lives in the City. To improve the demographic situation and avoid many problems, the authorities send all single people to the Hotel. There they should meet the other half in 45 days and connect their lives with this person. If this cannot be done, then those who remain alone turn into beings deprived of all human qualities and go to the Forest to exist and to obey only instincts. But one day everything can change abruptly.
  10. "Son of Saul". This picture won the grand prix in 2015. It is penetrating, tragic and even scary. The events unfolded in Auschwitz-Birkenau in October 1944, when fascism was raging in the world, and all Jews were exterminated. Saul Auslander is a Jew who has fallen into the so-called Sonderkommandu, the members of which were prisoners. Not all of them voluntarily help the fascists to carry out cruel execution. Saul is sent to the crematorium, where he must burn the bodies of those killed during the torture. In one of the dead boys, he recognizes his son. The man does not want to burn him and decides to steal and bury him as he should be. Saul will have to do the impossible, but he is ready to do anything to save the honor of his beloved son and to bury his body to the ground.
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