Beautiful swimsuits for obese girls and women (14 photos)

Owners of magnificent forms are often very worried because of the arrival of the beach season, because a trip to the sea means the need to bare all the most "uncomfortable" places. And very vain!

After all, it is necessary to choose the right bathing suit, as you will feel that having flaws in your figure, you can still look feminine and beautiful. And this is quite understandable, since a bathing suit is ordinary clothing, it just has a strict direction - the beach. And, like any clothing, swimsuit just need to choose the right.

Many curvy girls can grin and say that this is unreal. Of course, the main models of swimsuits, which are full of specialty stores and boutiques, are specialized in slender girls, but for complete ones, the choice is really small.

This may seem unfair, but do not despair, because the production of swimsuits for obese women occupies a separate and very deep niche in the modern fashion industry, which indicates a large selection and diversity of models.You can turn to online stores, where the choice is much more than in local stores, and the ratio of price and quality may pleasantly surprise you.

If you want to feel comfortable and confident in a bathing suit, then its choice must be approached with the utmost seriousness. Do not be lazy to try them on in stores, it will be even better if you wear it, you will try to feel that nothing is falling out at you and that it doesn’t press anything anywhere, this is very important.

When buying a swimsuit in the online store, pay attention to the possibility of returning the goods, if it does not suit you, and how this can be done.

How to pick up?

As with any clothing, swimwear has its own rules and tricks that allow you to present your body in the most favorable light, which will allow you to feel confident and irresistible.

When choosing a swimsuit it is mainly necessary to pay attention to the quality of the fabric from which it is sewn, you do not want it to lose its shape and all its advantages after the first swim in salt water.

The fabric should be fairly dense with an optimal Lycra content of 20-30%, which will allow the swimsuit to fit the figure tightly, but at the same time allows the body to breathe and will not drag the figure in the most unsuccessful places.Plus, such a swimsuit will not exactly lose its shape, but, on the contrary, for a long time will successfully endure more than one number of baths and washes.

When choosing a bathing suit for full girls, you must immediately abandon the luminous and shiny fabrics, as they attract attention very much, the same applies to knitted swimsuits, which visually increase completeness. The bright colors of all colors will look best, the most advantageous colors - blue, black, brown, purple, burgundy - they can skilfully hide extra volumes, but emphasize all the necessary advantages.

If you decide to buy a swimsuit with a picture, then you should pay attention to large asymmetric and contrast images. For example, vertical and diagonal stripes will help to hide an extra tummy, and waters can emphasize a beautiful chest with the help of a V-shaped notch, adding bright images to the decollete area.

Depending on what type of figure you can include yours, the swimsuit should be selected. For example, it is believed that the ideal option for full girls is a one-piece swimsuit.Yes, this option is great for figures like "apple", but for full girls with a figure of the "pear" type can come up and separate options, as well as swimwear with a skirt.

If the figure is T-shaped, it is necessary to avoid too wide straps on the shoulders, so as not to add an even larger volume, but add accent to the hips, decorating them, for example, with the pareo.

Choose a swimsuit, which has a bra on bones, as well as with pull-in inserts, which will visually discard you a couple of extra pounds in problem areas. Avoid different bright decor, laces and shiny cloth in problem areas, thong panties and narrow straps on the bodice will also be inappropriate, all this will visually add to your unwanted weight.


Recently, fashionable swimsuits have come into fashion again, they are popular not only among full ladies, but also among slim and thin. So why not take advantage of this opportunity?

It is an indoor swimsuit is ideal for outdoor activities - water skiing, diving in the pool or at sea will not make you worry that you can lose the detail of your bathing suit, as is the case with separate models.

By the way, recently, asymmetrical models have become very fashionable, which are very much for full ladies, also again in the trend of the 50s colors, which are also oriented on ladies “in the body”.


Such models are best suited for women with moderate fullness, who have a well-marked waist, that is, a pear or hourglass figure. Such models of swimsuits are better to choose with high panties, as well as with a well tightening and dense bodice, so that it is advantageous to emphasize the breast.

By the way, as we have already said, retro is in fashion again, so now panties with a low edge are very popular, that is, in the form of a skirt or shorts, which will skillfully be able to hide unnecessary “ears” and a barrel on their feet.

You will have to give up miniature swimming trunks, and if you have a full back and shoulders, then choose a bodice with wide straps that will not crash heavily into the skin, creating a not very aesthetic look.


What it is? It's very simple, for sure, you have seen bathing suits, which are made in the form of a bathing T-shirt and panties or shorts. Externally, this swimsuit has the form of piecework, but it is not.

Tankini is a great option for those who are very complex about their tummy and barrels, which hide perfectly under a t-shirt, and you can easily pick out and emphasize a beautiful large breast, as the top has cups.

Lips for such swimsuits are different - the usual, crosswise, with ties to the neck and any other options. Most often, the top has a brighter color, and the lower part has a calm solid color.

However, depending on which of the zones you consider to be the most problematic one, one or another part of the body can be highlighted in color. These swimsuits are now very popular, they have a variety of colors and decorations. Tankini with floral and animal prints, as well as plain models with the addition of bright ribbons are very popular.

Remember that if a swimsuit has not managed to hide all your flaws, you can always use a pareo or a beach skirt that will successfully cope with this task, as well as protect you from the burning sun.

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