Beautiful neckline

Clean the neck and décolleté area with the same means as washing your face every day, morning and evening.
Next, thoroughly dry the skin with a soft towel. After that, moisten the decollete area with cream.
Once a week, be sure to use a scrub.
Before going outside, be sure to apply sunscreen on exposed areas of the body.
Pull, when there is free time, neck, trying to pull the chin up. This will save from the premature appearance of wrinkles and help cope with existing ones.
Try taking a douche. It will have a beneficial effect not only on your decollete, but also on the whole organism.
The best way to prevent wrinkles on the neck, neckline and bust is to sleep on your back without a pillow or on a flat pillow. This is very hard to get used to, but the result will please you.

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