Beautiful and simple Christmas cards (23 photos)

Doing Christmas and Christmas cards with your own hands is a great way to show your talent and give a piece of your soul to your close people. Every person is pleased to realize that they have worked and spent their precious time for him. It is not difficult to create masterpieces, the main thing is the desire to give another person a piece of a New Year's fairy tale.

Christmas postcards in 2013 do not have to be decorated with snakes. After all, it does not matter who will rule the coming year according to the Chinese horoscope, the rulers change, and only the New Year holiday itself remains constant.

The process of creating handmade cards will help you get rid of the burden of the problems hanging over you, give you a feeling of carelessness and make you feel like little children again.

Preparing for the New Year is sometimes more exciting than the holiday itself. Therefore, if you love the New Year, if you have a desire to try to make something new, then try to make New Year's gifts.

History of

The tradition of giving out postcards for holidays has appeared in people for a long time, since Christianity began to spread throughout the world. New Year's holiday in those days as this was not, but it was Christmas. It was at Christmas that people began to give postcards, on which angels and everything that was connected with faith were most often painted.

As time went on, the pictures on the small cards began to change. Symbols of events, flowers, poems and much more began to appear on them.

About 220 years ago, the world's first Christmas card was drawn. Painted her artist Dobson, born in England. They gained their popularity due to the fact that people began to send them to each other by mail. It was the only way to wish happy people, who were often hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, to the New Year holidays.

After England, the tradition of giving them for the New Year began to be used in Russia. True images were peculiar to their own culture and nature. Artists often painted snow-covered landscapes, Santa Claus and spruce.

After the revolutionary events at the beginning of the 20th century, the New Year cards have somewhat lost their prevalence.At that time there was a total pressure of religion, so there was no question of congratulatory cards. Over time, the authorities realized that they can be perfectly used to promote their ideals. Therefore, postcards were again sent to each other, only now, against the background of spruce, political symbols were depicted.

Often on what will be depicted on postcards, imprinted historical events. And only after the 80s, humanity realized that the New Year is a special holiday and should not be spoiled by its mercantile goals.

Master Class

For those who want to create unique handmade masterpieces, we suggest discarding all doubts and creating their own pens. To create it, you can use everything you find at home, do not be afraid to sew, knit and draw. Let your imagination create beautiful New Year cards.

You need to prepare:

  • Color cardboard (A4 format) - 4 pcs.
  • Band bright color (narrow) - 1m.
  • Glue with a thin brush
  • Scissors
  • Sequins, beads, bouillons, beads
  • Ruler
  • Colored pens and pencils

We start to create a postcard:

  1. Decide at once coma you will present this card.Decide on her ideas, think about what you want to see on her.
  2. Take cardboard, for example, gently blue. Bend it, connecting two edges together.
  3. A simple pencil with light strokes outline the approximate contours of decorative elements. This must be done to see the overall picture.
  4. No card can do without warm words, so immediately plan a place where you write a greeting in a beautiful hand.
  5. It's time to start decorating the cover of the postcard. To do this, take a braid (it must be different in color from the cardboard, but at the same time these two colors must be in harmony with each other). We glue it on the contour of cardboard. Do not overdo it with glue.
  6. Let the card dry out and only then proceed to gluing the following items.
  7. Cut out a green Christmas tree from green cardboard and place it in the corner of the postcard. Gift boxes, Christmas balls, bows or stars can be cut out of cardboard of a different color. All elements are beautifully placed and glued.
  8. To give the card a festive glitter, you need to decorate it. To do this, a thin layer of glue grease the place where you want to place them.On top of the glue spread the fingers of bouillon and beads.
  9. Bead can be folded inscription: Happy New Year. Of course, this is quite a piece of jewelry. But, if everything is done carefully, it will turn out very beautifully.
  10. After the postcard has dried, write a sincere wish. All your postcard is ready.

You can use cotton wool, pieces of silk and wallpaper, and even such cereals as rice, semolina and wheat for your postcard decoration. You can draw a snowman on a postcard, but it's even better to make it from cotton wool and cloth. Starting to make one Christmas card with your own hands, you will see how you immediately have dozens of ideas for others.

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