Apple Blossom Bag

Almost all women get a lot of makeup. In every woman’s arsenal there are shades, lipsticks, lip gloss, blush, mascara, cosmetic pencils, powder. All these cosmetics are usually stored in a special cosmetic bag, which can be purchased at the store, and you can do it yourself. I propose to sew a large and comfortable cosmetic bag - one that fits all, or almost all, your cosmetics. In addition, it can be decorated with appliqués with flowering apple twigs.
 applique with blossoming apple-trees
Making a cosmetic bag will not take much time, but materials for its tailoring is most likely to be found in every home. For work you will need: brown fleece, yellow lining fabric, two buttons, threads of yellow, brown, green and pink colors, scissors, needle, pink and green felt, yellow beads.
Progress of work 1. Cut from a brown fleece a rectangle measuring 25 by 35 cm.A rectangle of the same size cut from yellow fabric.
Cut from a brown fleece
2. Fold the rectangles with their faces, straighten and sew around the perimeter, retreating approximately one centimeter from each edge. Sideways leave a small hole for turning out. It is best to stitch on a sewing machine. This will be the basis for your cosmetic bag. Unscrew the main part and gently sew a non-sewn hole with a hidden seam. Well straighten the part and manually flash the perimeter with a basting stitch.
 by a notch seam
3. Now you need to sew one edge (narrower) on the sewing machine, departing about one centimeter from the edge.
 one centimeter from the edge
4. From the opposite side, also stitch on the sewing machine that part of the part that will be the flap that closes the makeup bag.
 closing the cosmetic bag
5. Collapse the detail of the cosmetic bag with lining inward and sew the outer side seams.
6.Gently pull out the basting thread.
Cosmetic Bag
7. Sew two buttons firmly.
Cosmetic Bag
8. Button cosmetic bag to check whether they are symmetrically sewn and whether there is no bias.
 Cosmetic Bag
9. Now you need to decorate the beautician. This can be done with the application. For example, perform applique flowering apple branch. First you need to cut out five leaves from green felt. Sew three leaves on the valve on the right side of the cosmetic bag, and two on the left side of the cosmetic bag. It is better to sew the little leaves with a small seam only along the central vein - so they will look more natural and volumetric. You can sew manually. From pink felt cut three small flowers, each with five petals. Place the flowers next to the leaves and sew. On the right - two flowers, and on the left - one. Sew on flowers only in the center and along the middles of the petals. So flowers turn out volumetric. In the center of each flower firmly sew yellow beads - these will be stamens.
 Cosmetic Bag
Soft and comfortable cosmetic bag is ready.It remains to put in her lipstick, eye shadow and blush, mascara and powder, and even cosmetic pencils fit.

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