Be trendy: a trendy way to decorate your dinner table

A table with a good, high-quality coating in itself decorates the interior of the kitchen or dining room. To create a feeling of comfort, without closing the table completely, use this type of home textile as a walkway. It looks great on tables of various shapes and textures. Here are a few ideas that should be adopted.

Folded corner

Some people refuse tracks on the table only because their edges can be hurt by children or pets. And then all the dishes and products will fly down. There is a compromise solution - the track, the edges of which can be fastened.

Burlap woven walkway

This option is already considered a classic. Perhaps you even saw something similar in a restaurant or cafe. It is very easy to make such a track. Arm yourself with a glue gun, jute cloth, and twist the long strips together.

Wooden strip walkway

Variety and innovation are always impressive.Most often, the tracks are made of cloth, so this will look very original.

Macrame track

Usually in this technique weave plant pots for plants and wall decorations. But the thread of threads looks impressive and fresh.

Track for the winter season

If you like to make themed decorations for your home - the table will be another place where you can place the decor. Cut snowflakes from paper or cloth napkins and attach to the table with soap and water.

Tissue path without a single seam

Perhaps you and the sewing machine do not get along too well together. But this is not a reason to abandon the idea of ​​making a cloth track for your desk. Fasten the edges of the fabric with a textile glue or special tape that melts when ironing.

Lane from burlap with fringe

Excellent option for a dining room, decorated in a rustic style. A regular strip of fabric will look much more interesting if you decorate it along the edges with a long fringe. Pull the weft threads out of the fabric, and connect the warp threads of a few pieces, securing the knots at the base.

Two way walkway

If you do not like permanent solutions and always strive for dynamics, sew a path from two types of fabric. Flip the side to change the color of the textile.

Track with monogram

Make the decor of your table personalized. Let everyone know who's boss! And such a path will look great as a gift, such as a housewarming party or on the occasion of the completion of repairs in the dining room.

Classic fabric walkway

Choose the most beautiful piece of fabric and stitch a simple rectangular track from it. You can save money by buying fabric at a sale, because you need very little footage.

You can not even sew

And if you do not want to mess around with a sewing machine, do not forget that you can use textile glue.

Print track

It does not matter what exactly you want to decorate, an old bored path or a new cut of fabric. Stencil and acrylic paint perfectly do their job.

Paper flower path

This method may not be the most practical, but very beautiful. Decorate the table for the holiday, folded composition of paper. Fold napkins or thick paper with a fan and fasten in circles resembling flowers. Having made enough figures, connect them together.

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