Ashton Kutcher told how hard he felt a divorce from Demi Moore

Ashton Kutcher is not one of those guys who likes to talk about the breakup of relationships, so that everyone around is immediately drawn after the handkerchiefs. After parting with Demi Moore 7 years have passed, and all this time, he almost did not say a word. As it turned out, this is not because Ashton is so cold-blooded and cynical, but because it was too painful and difficult for him to remember about it.

"After parting with Demi, I went to the mountains for a week in Montana," he suddenly admitted in a podcast his friend Dax Shepard leads. - I didn’t take with me any food or drinks, only water and tea. I didn’t take either a computer or a phone, I limited myself to a notebook and a pen. I had to be alone with myself, with my thoughts. At first I wrote down in my notebook all the feelings I experienced in my previous relationships, then I wrote a letter to each girl I had met with before, and sent them out when I returned to the city.It was similar to the treatment that anonymous alcoholics undergo. I remembered who could be hurt, and tried to fix it. ”

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