As always be on the alert

The phrase “be alert” implies a collected state and a person’s readiness for any eventuality. Such a person does not overlook possible obstacles and difficulties. In this case, a characteristic feature of a vigilant person is a serious attitude to any details.

Presence in the present

The ability to perceive changes in reality depends on a person’s ability to live in the present tense. Immersion in your own inner world, in which all kinds of problems are solved, puts a person in a state of trance. Thoughts begin to revolve around past grievances, dreams and plans, and the world around us ceases to exist in the present. Virtual life is not a substitute for reality, but completely breaks the connection with the outside world.
Start living "here and now", paying attention to the effectiveness of your actions. Eastern wisdom says that “when a person does the dishes, he does the dishes”. The mind of the watchful person is not occupied with extraneous thoughts, but is focused on a specific moment.Attention to current events makes it possible to make a conscious selection of information that a person receives every moment from the outside world. Being alert means being alert to signs from the outside and the voice of your own intuition. At the same time, intuition is the voice of the soul, not of the mind. Learn how to solve problems in specially allocated hours and turn off the endless internal dialogue.

Adequate perception

The perception of a person depends on the experience and ability to notice conflicting circumstances. Learn to analyze and compare information without taking anything for granted. Periodically review the truth of their beliefs. Perhaps recent experience has taught you that not all friendly people should be trusted immediately.
Holistic perception of the situation involves the use of visual, auditory and tactile sensations. Give attention when communicating not only to the said phrases, but also the manner of behavior, facial expressions, gestures. At the same time, the ability to be alert is greatly influenced by the physical state. A tired and emotionally overworked person is not able to adequately assess the situation and notice the necessary circumstances.To develop attention train your memory, notice the slightest changes in the world around you.

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