How can a promoter get the attention of store visitors?

You can argue about the effectiveness of advertising methods for a long time. Someone thinks that there is nothing better than ads on television, someone advocates personal communication, someone is convinced that stretch marks are most effective over the roadway. However, practice shows that they are all equally good, but are suitable for different cases.

One of the most attractive methods of presenting advertising information is promotions in the store. Promoters in branded suits of your company will be happy to tell the store visitors about your products or services. But in order for the dialogue to take place, they need to interest people and draw attention to themselves. What do I need to do?

Choose the right place

First of all, you have to choose the right place for the advertising stand. As a rule, promoters for shares receive instructions about this from the manager. But if you have to choose yourself, you should find a place with the largest flow of customers.However, you should not stand next to the cashier, this may prevent the store employees from working.

Know what to say and how

Each participant is promoted promotions text that he must say. This should be done loudly, confidently and, most importantly, emotionally. It is advisable not to repeat the same thing in a circle, but to make some changes to the wording, while not deviating from the initial idea of ​​slogans. Do not say something without stopping, it will annoy people or be perceived as monotonous "white noise". Promoters definitely need to create a positive mood. It is known that a natural smile and a pleasant voice are conducive to communication. To attract as many potential buyers to the action as possible is one of the key tasks of promotional personnel.

Be noticeable, but not intrusive

Needless to say, the promotional staff should look neat. If there is a form issued by the manager, it must be worn constantly and in the complete set. At the same time, in no case should you go for a smoke break or lunch in this form.

Professionally trained promoters should not look too defiant. It should be noticeable, but not intrusive.You have to get attention, but do not be too eccentric. You can approach the buyers, but you must evaluate beforehand how busy they are and are disposed to the conversation. Jumping around the corner, waving leaflets, you can not. This will certainly be noticed, but is unlikely to be appreciated positively. If you politely approach a person who is considering a product similar to yours, politely offer your advice, he will most likely agree and listen to your story. Then you will have the opportunity to present your product in the best light, but without giving negative assessments to competitors.

Each employee participating in the promotion must remember that his first task is to show the goods with his face, to create a pleasant impression about him, and not to sell a particular thing. Therefore, you need to make every effort to ensure that the buyer correctly remember the name of the brand and the specific product. It is not necessary to use the company name in each sentence, but it is necessary to remind it periodically.

So let's summarize.Promoters should be visible, with a loud voice, radiate benevolence and always be ready to come to the aid of the buyer in his choice.

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