Arina Sharapova: “Goat Skin Brings Happiness”

The presenter of "Good Morning" built a country house far from civilization, and now she is thinking about moving.
Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

- My husband Edward and I invented everything in our home. I can not even remember what year they completed. I am a leisurely man. I do not need that time - and ready. I went shopping, gradually chose everything, I bought it. Probably, it was necessary to erect a stone house, but we live in a city in a stone. And the tree still gives a different sense of space. So we stopped at it.

Especially the glamor in the interior is not. A natural cottage, but with a certain charm, because I often take friends here at a large table in the living room. Living here is constantly failing. From Moscow cottage is far away. In order to get in time and slip through traffic jams, you need to leave here at five in the morning, otherwise you will be deluded for three hours. True, construction of the central ring road has begun, which may improve the situation, but because of it we have a dilemma.Stay here or move? We ran here from people, civilization, and suddenly she caught up with us. Eight lanes will be. I just wanted to repair something in the house, I'm a fan of redoing. Now we are waiting. Like a cobra before the blow. Let's wait until the road appears, see how it affects the environment, and we will decide. Now there are a lot of birds in the forest, moose sometimes go out, and then what will happen then ...

The old Russian fireplace was the first thing we built when we finished the house.
Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

Two hundred roses and Christmas trees

- We have a large plot, as much as 50 acres. To walk, do not need to go far. Here you can hide. Behind the fence is a mixed forest, and at its edges are solid birch trees. Sometimes the husband brings old trees from there and chops for firewood. There is a special house for firewood in the yard.

On the site crocuses have already begun to emerge, snowdrops have grown. Not killed, even when the frost hit. I have flowers everywhere. At first we made a winter garden in the house itself, but the glass was laid out incorrectly, there were cracks. As a result, when the cold began, they became very cold with flowers and redid. Now the garden has spread all over the house. But the main pride is on the street.There are all sorts of my experiments, botanical delights. For example, recently I was in the "Pharmaceutical garden" and found jasmine, which grows all around, from there they made an arch. I am trying to build the same in my yard. I also have about 200 roses, they smell incredible, Christmas trees, cedar, willow, viburnum. Why not?

Canadian Christmas trees and cedar planted themselves. Next to them is our home dinosaur museum. They built it for my boys, because they were fond of these animals and did not get out of this museum. Every spring dinosaurs are solemnly placed on shelves in a wooden tent.
Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

I dream to drive TV

- I have some kind of dislike for the corners, so in the guest there is a rounded wall. If a sharp corner appears, I need to smooth it, cover it with something. Here is a chest of drawers worth a bit. And all in order to hide the corner. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I am a non-conflict person. I need everything to be peaceful.

I have a secret dream to drive out someone else - to remove the TV from the living room. Because people come, especially small children - my grandchildren, nine-year-old Nikita and seven-year-old Stepa, begin to watch it, eat at the same time, and the spoon hangs somewhere in the middle. Distracts the TV, but all against its transfer.By the way, no matter how hard I try to seat the guests at a large dining table, everyone for some reason gathers at the bar counter in the kitchen. Apparently, because you sit high, you look far. I myself like this place. And grandchildren love to sit under the counter.

I have a friend, inventor Tolya Podarin. He helped with the interior design and proposed to build bamboo into the guest's walls.
Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

I keep things with meaning

- The house has only those interior items that I love. And all that does not like throwing. Honestly, I had an incredible amount of souvenirs on the shelves. But they collected so much dust that they dumped them in a huge box and put them in the closet. I start to distribute slowly. I understand that I once rejoiced at these trifles and details, but now they are angry with me. Only behind the glass in the dresser there were toys, figurines that were given by mother, girlfriends. These things with meaning, they carry a special spirit. I leave them. I do the same with clothes. I basically have a lot of it because of the work. There is one that is expensive, but I'm tired. I do not throw out. Sasha Vasiliev (fashion historian, host of the “Fashion sentence”. - Note. “Antenna”) once told me: “Arina, the things you love, leave, fashion will return”. And he is absolutely right. For them, I allocated a special briefcase where I put and store.

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