Angelina Jolie celebrated birthday with children in an amusement park

In honor of her 43rd birthday, Angelina Jolie decided to briefly distract from the filming of “Maleficent 2”, the difficulties of the divorce process with Brad Pitt and humanitarian projects and just fool around like all normal people. It turns out that the actress is a big fan of extreme rides! And since Angie is now in London, she and her children went to the Thorpe amusement park, where Princess Diana and her kids William and Harry loved to come to her time.

Publication from Angelina Jolie ???????? (@angeltresjolie)4 Jun 2018 at 7:22 PDT

A picture of a contented Angelina riding a roller coaster appeared on the giant placards installed in the park, along with pictures of other visitors. Of course, everyone immediately recognized the actress and took a picture of the screen (and some even managed to find her in a huge crowd), but they didn’t bother Angie to entertain - this was her holiday after all! So Jolie was able to tear herself off properly, and cheer for the children in the shooting range - Knox, for example,managed to win there a huge brilliant snake.

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