“And what are you doing all day?” - The Answer from Mom-Housewives Made Her a Celebrity!

Constantly to hear the same phrase:“What are you doing all day?”Florida tattoo artist Richelle Castleberry decided to write a post on behalf of all housewives moms. And he blew the net. Her strong answer to this question was noted by more than 640 thousand likes and more than 300 thousand reposts. Everyone should read this in order to truly appreciate the incredible sacrifices that mothers make for children.

It all starts with an imaginary situation where the husband (M) meets with a psychologist (P).

"P:" What do you do for a living, Mr. Rogers? "

M: - I work as an accountant in a bank.

P: - And your wife?

M: - It does not work. She is a housewife.

P: - Who makes breakfast for your family?

M: - My wife, because she is not working.

P: - What time does she wake up?

M: - She gets up early because she needs to organize everything: collect and dress the children, see that they eat, brush their teeth and take everything they need with them. She wakes up with the baby, changes his diapers and changes clothes.Breastfeeding and preparing all the brakes.

housewife mom's answer

P: - How do your children get to school?

M: - They are taken by my wife because she is not working.

P: - What does she do then?

M: - Usually, she decides what she can do while she is in the center so as not to remove the car seat with the younger one more time. She can pay bills or enter the store. Sometimes she forgets something, and she has to leave the house again, with the child. When she returns home, she feeds the baby, changes his diapers and prepares him for bed, cleans the kitchen, does laundry and cleaning the house. Well, it does not work.

P: - What do you do in the evening when you come home from work?

M: - I rest, of course. I'm tired after a day working at the bank.

P: What does your wife do in the evening?

M: - She is preparing dinner, feeding us with the children, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen again, making sure that the dog is being walked. Helps children with homework, and then prepares them for sleep - gives warm milk, makes sure they put on their pajamas and brush their teeth. Then she gets up during the night to breastfeed the youngest and, if necessary, change his diapers. She doesn't have to get up in the morning for work. ”

-This is the everyday life of most women around the world who start early in the morning and continue until night ... And this is called"does not work?!»

Housewives do not have diplomas, but there is a key role in the life of the family.

Appreciate your wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, daughter ... Because their sacrifice is priceless.

Someone asked her ...

"Do you work or just a housewife?"

She answered:

“I work as a wife 24 hours a day, I am a mother, a woman, a daughter, an alarm clock, a cook, a servant, a nanny, a handyman, a security guard, an adviser, and I have no leave or sick leave, I work days and nights and I do not get paid for it ... "

And still I often hear the phrase:“But what do you do all day?”. Dedicated to all women who have given their lives for the good of the family.The woman is like salt. No one remembers her presence, but her absence deprives everyone of taste.

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