I'll go to the cook! Harry Galkin learned to cook

For the famous sister of Christina, the boy built his signature dish. Well, or at least tried.

Maxim Galkin's Instagram is a true family album. Photos and videos of Harry and Lisa are there more than anything else. Although it would be a sin to assume that, apart from the family, there is nothing else in the life of a showman. Maxim regularly indulges subscribers with rollers, where he stars with Alla Pugacheva and children. And subscribers are happy: some even admit that they start the day not with coffee, but from his page on the social network.

Yesterday, the showman shared another video, where not only he himself showed up, but also Christina Orbakaite: she came to visit her mom. Harry, for his star sister, decided to make an omelet: it turns out that a three-year-old baby is very interested in what is happening in the kitchen. A true family chef is growing!

“Harry prepared her (Christine. - Comm. Ed.) His signature omelette, depicting a foreign chef, - wrote Maxim under the video.“Cooking an omelet for him is usually limited to eating sausage.”

Jul 3 2017 at 7:51 pdt

And it does not matter that while Harry is not quite preparing their own! After all, the main thing is to start. And there, you see, the star heir will fricassee and donuts playfully.

What ended cooking omelette, left overs. “I did not take off the end of the process, because I chased after Liza,” explains Maxim.

“Have fun with you. Very positive videos, - subscribers habitually pricked. “Shoot more!”

Recall, twins Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin were born in September 2013. The couple resorted to the services of a surrogate mother: nevertheless, Alla Borisovna’s age no longer allowed to bear children on her own. Harry and Lisa will be four years old this year, and people still cannot believe that spouses with a difference of 27 are happy together and bring up their own, not adopted children. Although the kids are not just like parents, but very similar - Galkin's subscribers are surprised how such copies of mom and dad could turn out.

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