Ancient science "Vastu": How to create comfort

The well-known Chinese art of Feng Shui has an Indian progenitor - the science of Vastu. Want to know more about it? Take advantage of the opportunity!

The television tower collapsed, huge trees were uprooted when the strongest hurricane hit the city. And although the wind speed in the state capital reached 250 kilometers per hour, numerous temples remained unharmed. The chief state archaeologist remarked. With all the holy places built in the period from the VI to the XVII century, created in strict accordance with the traditional texts of temple architecture and were based on the principles of Vastu.

Deccan chronicle, November 11, 1999, India, Bhubaneswar state.

About three and a half thousand years ago, the Indian ruler Chakra-Shari expelled Buddhist monks from his country. The exiles brought to neighboring countries the knowledge that formed the basis of Chinese medicine and martial arts, which laid the foundation for the now famous Tibetan martial arts schools. Science of Vastu has been transformed into feng shui.

The formless demon vastu - Purusha, the embodiment of unbridled chaotic energy, was created by Brahma.Having tamed him with the help of other gods, Brahma completely subordinated him to his will and sent him to Earth so that the rebel would become "the master of all buildings and structures."

The word "Vastu" in Sanskrit means "live, dwell, be." The knowledge system of vastu takes into account the interaction of the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, the gravitational field of the Moon, magnetic storms and the directions of the cardinal points, because all this has an invisible, but very tangible impact on people's lives.

The main provisions of Vastu

  1. Cosmic energy moves from the northeast to the northwest. Earth rotates to the east. In the southwest corner there should be no doors in order not to block the energy. It should circulate, not stagnate.
  2. The basis of the structure - its center, as the human heart. He must be free and not cluttered, otherwise heart disease is possible.
  3. The West is a direction symbolizing silence and sunset, this direction is the best for children's bedrooms.
  4. The south is the perfect place to sleep. The main entrance to the building should not be from the south.
  5. The southeastern part of the house is ideal for heating systems and electrical appliances, it is this side that is associated with the element of fire.This is not the place of a bedroom: if a couple settles in the southeast, this leads to quarrels over trivialities, and also provokes expenses.
  6. The south-western part should be the most massive and closed. Children's rooms should never be located in the southwestern part of the house, which is associated with wisdom, otherwise children will try to dominate their parents.
  7. The north-western part of the house is a great place for everything moving and changing, as well as for guests. This direction influences relations between people, patronizes changes. To make the family more likely to get together, arrange a meeting place in the northwest.
  8. Northeast - the direction of purity and spirituality. The northeastern part of the room must always remain light and free from furniture. In no case should there be a lavatory in this zone.
  9. The space above the stove in the kitchen should be open. Do not hang a gas trap directly above the stove, as this prevents the smooth flow and circulation of energy needed for cooking. The walls of the kitchen should be painted in yellow, orange, brown or red, but not in white and black.

Find the differences! Arthur Smith, President of the London Academy found the differences between Feng Shui and Vastu:

  • Vastu is based on the statement that the Creator exists, and the basis of Feng Shui is “nirvishesh” - the concept of the non-existence of God.
  • Vastu considers four levels: physical, karmic, energy and spiritual. Feng shui mainly works with physical and energy levels.

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