Anastasia Volochkova spoiled appearance after the holidays

A famous ballerina complained to Instagram fans: her hair color was spoiled.

No sooner had the star return from vacation in Greece, how did the trouble happen: Anastasia's hair suffered. She complained in social networks that they were spoiled: “It happens the same way ... I did not have time to come from Greece. And they spoiled my hair color. But there are friends! And professionals, ”writes Volochkova.

Photo: @volochkova_art

The star had to turn to a stylist friend to return the old ashy blond to her: any blonde knows that this hair color most of all suffers from contact with sea and chlorinated water. They become rigid, the pigment is washed out, and through the light strands it begins to treacherously peek through the natural color. What specifically went wrong, Anastasia did not specify, but, apparently, the first attempt to restore hair after the holidays failed.

If you follow the account of a star, it becomes clear that on vacation she was clearly not up to her hair.She just took her hair away from her face, without wasting precious vacation time on complicated styling.

Photo: @volochkova_art

Anastasia Volochkova spent her two-week vacation in Greece - the star was intensely involved in sports so that the Mediterranean cuisine did not spoil the figure.

July 17, 2017Olga Goldenstein
a guest18.07.17 11:15

Does she have something to spoil?

a guest18.07.17 13:02

the same to me too

a guest18.07.17 14:56

all the time some sort of sleek, that there are no other hairstyles or something ??? Fed up already

a guest19.07.17 20:13

and skin and hair has already ruined ...

a guest18.07.17 19:30
a guest18.07.17 23:18

I wanted to write "Spoil her already something so that it was not audible and not visible!" But this is rude and vicious. And you can not write about it at all? Is she interesting to someone?

interesting)) oddly enough. Write something. about yourself, interesting! (for example). And remember = boomerang returns everything :)

RS during rest, a person * should * look after himself? or still-Rest! finally?)) relax. I. All the same, this is her lich. life, like the whole world or not. What is the difference)

a guest19.07.17 08:55

I totally agree

a guest19.07.17 20:11

Interesting, and you write yourself ... :-))

a guest19.07.17 10:38

Stupidity: a bleached hair can not "shine" the natural pigment, when dyed and lightened, it is replaced by a dye that is washed away with sea water and any other water. Hair should be protected from sea water and the sun. There are plenty of protective equipment.

a guest19.07.17 12:46

"On vacation, she was not up to her hair. She tucked her hair in a bun." .... So always she has such a "hairstyle." Why waste time)) Actually, this is her life, what hairstyles she wants, she does. The news is not nothing.

a guest19.07.17 18:09

Fu what ... ugly ..

a guest19.07.17 19:12

What a tragedy spoiled hair color, completely stunned

a guest20.07.17 14:30

You grow old mother ... you grow old ...

a guest20.07.17 18:05

The people, and Anastasia Volochkova somewhere else generally works! I remember that I worked in a big way, but it was 100 years ago. Or from the hopelessness to glow all the time in the internet, so to speak so as not to forget? I can not understand why she always shows her underwear, then grimaces at the camera !?

She has her own troupe, concerts in Russia. She has performed in the USA, France, Japan, etc. He lives beautifully in his palace, raises a daughter. A rich, successful, independent and independent woman, a happy mother who has a healthy child.

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