Analogs of Amitriptyline, generic

“Amitripilin” is prescribed strictly by doctors for such diseases as: a state of depression; unreasonable fear of something and phobia; anorexia; persistent headaches. Also, this drug is prescribed for children with enuresis. This drug has not only positive properties, but also has a number of side effects. Patients observed:

  • vision problems (focus);
  • constipation and heaviness in the stomach;
  • low blood pressure and lethargy;
  • drowsiness;
  • weakness in the hands.

From the above, we can conclude that it is impossible to purchase the medicine without a prescription. Each person should be examined in the clinic for the presence of such problems as: problems with the stomach; blood disease; glaucoma.

Instructions for use

Buy medicine can be either in tablets or in the form of a solution. It is necessary to begin to apply it in small dosages of 25-50 mg, gradually increasing the amount, but not more than 300 mg. Take three times a day.

Analogs "Amitriptyline"

Many analogues of "Amitriptyline" have similar instructions for use.

One of the most popular analogues of Amitriptyline are more benign and similar modern preparations:

  • "Anafranil"
  • "Saroten"
  • "Doxepin"
  • "Melipramin"

It is also worth noting that at the moment there are no substitutes for Amitriptyline, which would not have contraindications. Any similar antidepressants in one degree or another can have a negative effect on a sick person. All generics from the list have side effects and are contraindicated in certain diseases.

The drug "Anafranil"

"Anafranil" is an excellent substitute for Amitriptyline, and you can also buy it in the form of a solution and tablets. He is released strictly according to the prescription of the attending physician in case of depression and psychomotor inhibition.


This drug is a generic "Amitriptyline" and is discharged to patients with depression, excessive arousal, hypochondria. Also, this antidepressant can be prescribed for panic disorders or sleep disorders. The drug has an age limit of 12+. In the solution of the drug is not made.


The basis of this medication is imipramine hydrochloride. In pharmacies, you can buy it either in the form of a solution for intramuscular injections, or in tablets. The price of this medicine is not much different from Amitriptyline. Melipramine is prescribed for depression, chronic pain, rheumatism, migraine.

Of course, this is not the whole list of analogues of the drug "Amitriptyline". Every day, progress is moving forward and new medicines are being created, but it’s worth saying that scientists have not yet created safe antidepressants. All these drugs, most likely, can not only help the patient's body, but also have side effects.

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