Almond oil: useful properties and application

What substances are part of the almond oil

Almond oil is produced by cold pressing almond seed (nuts). It contains oleic acid (from 65 to 83%), linoleic acid (from 16 to 25%), a number of trace elements - magnesium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins E and B2, and many other biologically active substances. The exact composition of almond oil depends on the variety of almonds and the conditions of its growth.

What are the beneficial properties of almond oil and how it is used

For cosmetic purposes, almond oil is used as an effective means of moisturizing and cleansing the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, regardless of age. For even greater effect, it is advisable to add to it a little aromatic essential oils, such as lavender or rosewood. It is recommended to mix a tablespoon of almond oil with one drop of the mentioned additives.
You can use almond oil by making a face mask. To do this, mix 2 tablespoons of oatmeal with hot water until creamy thickness, add 5 ml of almond oil and 2 drops of essential oils of lemon and rosemary. Stir and apply on face. This mask has a good tonic effect.
To get rid of wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, apply almond oil with problem pads on the problem areas and gently massage with tapping movements. Also, oil improves the complexion, leveling it. It is well absorbed into the skin.
Almond oil is a good remedy for burns, traumatic skin damage. It can also be used for herpes, lubricating rashes 3-4 times a day.
If your ears hurt, drop a few drops of heated almond oil into each ear canal at night, and the pain will subside. Heated almond oil is also an excellent tool for softening the sulfur plug in the ear.
This tool is used for gastric ulcer, gastritis with high acidity. Almond oil effectively helps with diseases of the upper respiratory tract - laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis. You need to take 10 drops of the drug three times a day. Finally, almond oil is good for some gynecological diseases.
Oil will help you get rid of hair loss. If you have oily hair, add cedar or lemon oil to the product. With the help of almond oil you can strengthen eyelashes.

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