All about cacti: soil requirements

Soil for cacti can be purchased at a specialty store or make your own. The universal mix consists of the sheet rotted earth and the washed sand in equal parts. Humus can be replaced by peat. But it must be borne in mind that peat contains few nutrients. To fill them, use an additive for soil containing gypsum, superphosphate.
Helpful advice
The degree of soil looseness is determined by simple compression of the earth in a fist. With such a check, the fresh mixture should remain lumpy or crumble under stronger compression. If during the compression the lump did not work out, it means that the soil is too loose, too dry or there is an overabundance of sand in it. A lump is produced when the soil is wet, clay or heavy. With increased flowability, it is necessary to add a bit of clay soil to the mixture, and sand or brick chips in heavy soil. The addition of nutrients, humus, is suitable for epiphytic species, for cacti with a curative root it is necessary to add clay.

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