Aknekutan: instructions for use, indications, price

Instructions for use

Aknekutan is a systemic retinoid that is produced by the Croatian pharmaceutical company Jadran. The active ingredient is isotretinoin, its amount in one capsule is 8 mg or 16 mg, depending on the selected dosage. Also included in the preparation are auxiliary components: a mixture of esters of stearic acid polyethylene oxide and glycerin, purified soybean oil, and also sorbitan oleate - mixed esters of oleic acid and sorbitol. Aktekutan is a generic drug, analogous to the more famous Indian drug, Roaccutane. Aknekutan has the same active ingredient, but its amount in the capsule is less, because. Roaccutane is available in other dosages.

The drug is taken a course that lasts several months. The main thing when taking it is to collect a cumulative dose (100-120 mg / kg) in order to avoid relapse.Per day, take from 400 to 800 mg / kg of the drug 1-2 times with meals.

During treatment with Aknekutan, ultraviolet radiation should be avoided, so it is advisable not to start drinking it in the summer when the sun is especially active. As side effects of the drug, hair loss, dry lips, mucous membranes and skin, muscle pain, nasal bleeding are often noted, the instructions also indicate a long list of possible side effects, in particular from the gastrointestinal tract and sensory organs.

Aknekutan is strictly forbidden to take pregnant women and those who are planning a pregnancy, when taking the drug, you must use several methods of contraception. Contraindications to the drug also include: age up to 12 years, alcohol intake, breastfeeding period, hyperavitaminosis A, severe hyperlipidemia, concomitant tetracycline therapy, hypersensitivity to the drug or its components. Actnekutan taken only on prescription. Before using it, it is necessary to pass tests in order to exclude the possibility of causing harm to health. Improvements after starting the drug intake occur, as a rule, not earlier than in 2 months,many note the presence of exacerbations during the treatment with Aknekutan. When the disease recurs, you can repeat the course no earlier than two months after the end of the first one.


Severe forms of acne (nodular - cystic, conglobate, with the risk of scar formation), as well as acne, which is useless to treat with other methods and preparations. Sometimes the drug is prescribed for mild acne, but in small doses.

The result of taking the drug is getting rid of acne, pimples, rosacea. Some patients note that with time after the end of the course of medication, the problem of acne comes back.


Aknekutan sold in pharmacies by prescription.

Aknekutan is cheaper than the original drug Roaccutane, but its cost is still higher than the standard treatment for acne - from 1,100 to 2,500 thousand rubles per pack. As analogues containing isotretinoin, you can also select the Russian drug Verokutan and Indian Sotret.

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