Advantages and disadvantages of a razor haircut

Beautiful, shiny, healthy curls - one of the advantages of a woman. And those who want to look really luxurious, necessarily pay a lot of hair care. Experienced hair-wizards, keeping up with the times, today in vain offer an unusual, but very interesting service - a haircut made by a razor. Let's find out more about it.

Emotionality and self-expression

Make a haircut with a razor or blade under the force of not every master. Here you need special care, and even pedantry, as well as a good experience. But if you decide to take such a bold step, you can be sure that the result will be truly unique.

Are they intrigued? Then we will gladly share with you the advantages of this technique.

  1. Thanks to the razor, you can create neat, smooth transitions between different hair lengths, thereby obtaining the effect of flowing strands.
  2. Hair perfectly keeps its shape and often does not need special styling.
  3. This technique is perfect for girlswho decided to grow their hair. It will make the transition between your and artificial curls as invisible as possible.

Haircuts are suitable for women who are accustomed to frequent haircut, and simply maintain the existing form. They look cute and easy, giving a stylish negligence. But for those who want to grow hair, the razor is contraindicated. The main disadvantage is trauma to the structure of the hair, which leads to the cross-section of the tips.

Technique of execution

Let's find out how to make such hairstyles. Instead of scissors use a special thinning razor or bevelled sharpened blade. With their help make accurate cuts at the right angle.

Depending on the model chosen, the master can work out individual strands, or all of the curls, twisting them into strands. In this way, a cascade effect can be achieved.

In female versions, the razor can be used for cutting out short, protruding crown, creating “ragged” bangs and individual strands.

In men, this technique is suitable for any length. With her help, the hairstyle is more discharged, and the edges are divided into strands, without a clear contour.You can use the razor even in short male hairstyles, making the back of the head and the temples area clear, and the top “ragged”.

Heat up

There is another very similar technique of execution, but a different procedure for the effect - thermo sheathing, which is performed with a hot razor. It does not make the tips bitten, but just the opposite - helps to get rid of them.

This is possible precisely because of the temperature. A hot blade contributes to the sealing of the ends, thus retaining all the necessary nutrients inside. Curls as a result heals and looks more brilliant. Owners of long hair can also afford such a beauty session, having worked only the tips and keeping the length.

The result will be noticeable after the first procedure, but to achieve the maximum effect, you need to go at least 3 sessions. The main difference between the thermo sheath and the technique that is performed by the usual hairdresser's blade is that the first one is performed not on wet, but on dry hair.

The secret to creating a successful image depends entirely on your chosen stylist and his level of skill.Therefore, if you want to look really beautiful, do not be lazy to find a professional in your field.

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