Action tactics for influenza virus

What is flu? How to avoid infection and what to do if the disease has come? This was told by the famous pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky, the author of popular books on child and parental health, a man who devoted 30 years of practice to studying ARVI.

Influenza, and otherwise SARS - an acute respiratory viral infection. If you or your relatives caught the virus, remember the main thing: the tactics of actions are completely independent of what they call it - seasonal or swine. It is only important that it is a virus, that it is transmitted by airborne droplets and affects the respiratory system.

Flu prevention counseling for parents
Flu prevention counseling for parents

Start with prevention

  1. If you or your child encounter a virus and there are no protective antibodies in the blood, you will get sick. Antibodies will appear in one of two cases: either you are ill, or you are grafted.

  2. There is a possibility - vaccinate yourself and your children. But only under the condition that you are healthy and if for vaccination you don’t have to be among the people who are already ill in the clinic. The latter provision makes your chances of adequate vaccination elusive.

  3. There are no drugs with proven prophylactic efficacy. Onions, garlic and pills are not able to protect against the respiratory virus in general and fromflu virusin particular. The main benefit of all these means is psychotherapy: you believe, it helps you.

  4. The source of the virus is man and only man. The fewer people, the less chance of getting sick.Pass the stop on foot, once again do not go to the supermarket.

  5. Mask. A useful thing, but not a panacea. Must be on the patient, if nearby healthy: the virus she did not delay, but will stop the droplets of saliva, especially rich in the virus.

Always carry wet disinfectant wipes.
  • The hands of the patient - the source of the virus is not less significant than the mouth and nose. The patient touches the face, the virus gets on his hands and then on everything around, spreading the infection.

    Do not touch your face and wash your hands more often. Learn yourself and teach the children, if there is no handkerchief, cough-sneeze not in the palm, but in the elbow.

November 10, 2009Natalia Udonova

Good article.

But there is one BUT.

All written will understand a person with medical education and make a discount on some points, assumptions or inaccuracies.

Here is the first part of the article - very correct.And the second (about treatment) .... Hmm ... Everything is generally true. But here you need to focus people on the help of physicians, and not on self-treatment (which is described point by point). Otherwise, you can earn a complication. And antibiotics (!!!) will have to be pounded, and then two or three months later will recover ... The issues are complex and ambiguous.

I didn’t understand something, I don’t drink tablets other than paracetamol, even syrups and antibiotics, so what can I do with hot tea ??? And why not drink aspirin ??? Very worried about this question !!!

When taking aspirin during the flu (fever) develops hemorrhagic syndrome, quite simply, various hemorrhages may begin. In children with acute respiratory viral infections, aspirin can suffer nasal bleeding. In the entire civilized world, only paracetamol and ibuprofen are permitted in children. They say it also helps nurofen in candles.

More about aspirin. Chemistry has the Vant Hoff rule - "When the temperature rises by 10 degrees, the reaction rate increases by 2-4 times." But antipyretic slow down the reaction, in the end, the cells will destroy the virus a week, instead of 2 days.

So I agree with Komarovsky, only drinking, and peace. If the temperature is below 40, the body will cope on its own.

Why, then, doctors say to drink with weakness and temperature aspirin (ups) And another question, acytilsalicylic acid is the same as aspirin ???

I don’t know why they advise ... I have also heard for a long time that you cannot drink aspirin at a temperature. Yes, acetylsalicylic acid is also an aspirin (as far as I know)

Not so long ago on TV was an interesting program about the invention of antibiotics. In short, this: first, they help, but the body quickly gets used to them and the next time it will need stronger antibiotics to recover. Scientists say that antibiotics should not be used often, only in extreme cases. And I can not disagree with them. And now, in conditions when the flu mutates and in general it is not clear how it manifests itself, I tend to start treatment using the methods described by Komarovsky. And by the way, he does not speak about self-treatment at all. He says that a doctor is always needed, but it is not always possible to be under his vigilant control. And gives advice on how to help yourself with simple methods and what you should not do.

Thank you, Eugene!

Good article! Need to subway hang clippings of it. And they are full of sick people: they sneeze, cough and even do not cover their mouths.I don’t understand that we, all such heroes, will die, but still they will go to work anyway?)))

Dear all, please, if you are sick or feel sick, stay at home, watch TV, read a book, sleep, undergo treatment, of course, but don’t infect others !!!

Yes, now there are a lot of masked people ... healthy. And the patients go and sneeze at all. They would also wear masks, since they will not sit at home))

true? wow))) such strange people. Let them sneeze on the street, in the fresh air, and put on masks in transport.

My children fell down with the flu, and treat them with anaferon, but mostly with natural remedies: herbs, lemon, honey. etc.

I have a very unpleasant situation: I caught a cold in the seventh month of pregnancy, no medications are possible, because this is all solid chemistry, and traditional medicine does not really help.

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