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Accessory Trends: The Snood

This fall/winter season there is a new kid in town: the snood. A hybrid of a scarf and a hood, the snood has been making waves when it comes to accessory trends. The look was first seen on the Fall 2009 runways, at shows like Missoni, Burberry Prorsum and Donna Karan. Now that the accessory has started to hit the stores, the snood has really started to come into the fashion spotlight and, with celebrities like Lady Gaga and Blake Lively leading the way (of course), fashionistas around the world are suddenly sold on the trend.

The versatility of the snood is what makes it special. According to the Wall Street Journal, the snood was first popular in the 1940s and closely resembled a hairnet. By the 1950s, the snood had become a tube and was a staple on the ski-slopes. These days, the snood is being used as a scarf, a hood and everything in between. Another added advantage? The snood can be worn by men and women, making it universally fashionable.

Accessory Trends: The Snood

Although the true snood trend appeared to start at Missoni, Stella McCartney was designing a variation as early as Fall 2008, with a draped scarf pulled over the head and modeled by Chanel Iman (top, left). Nepali by TDM’s (5), with its two-tone effect and draped style, will give you a less showy, knit version of the look, while Burberry’s (5) has a similar color palette and is made of luxurious cashmere.

Speaking of Burberry, ever since Blake Lively (top, right) sported their plaid snood, it has been flying out the door. While you can grab the (5) from their website, we also like their solid version (bottom, middle). Aerie’s (.95) is a budget-friendly version of the look.

Moving on to Missoni, who, at their Fall 2009 RTW shows, perfected the art of the snood by creating it from luxurious knit fabrics. Missoni, who are known for their colorful prints and patterns, showed off several versions of the snood, including the beautiful blue, printed snood (bottom, right) and a solid, neutral version (top, middle). This (5) by Aubin & Wills has a similarly luxurious look and a Missoni-esque print while Roxy’s () provides a budget-friendly alternative. A printed snood looks amazing when paired with a chunky sweater in a similar color palette and can be dressed down easily with a pair of jeans, letting the snood do the talking. Meanwhile, DKNY’s (.99) is perfectly poised to keep your neck warm without standing out, especially when paired with a printed sweater or thrown over a long-sleeved dress.

Finally we move to Lady Gaga (bottom, left) who, in recent months, has incorporated the snood into several of her outfits, showing the world how to wear the trend. Here, in typical Gaga style, she has gone for a bright red snood that shows off her bleached blond locks. For a similar style, we think this () from American Apparel is perfect. Whether you like their red version, or a similarly bright color, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd when you opt for a Gaga-inspired look.

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