About tea bai hao yin zhen or music of northern needles

Before you are the famous white tea Silver Needles or, its Chinese name Bai Hao Yin Zhen, from the village of Fudin, which is in the east of China in Fujian province. An adventurous story, in which they are intermingled, like motley rags: risky smugglers under the threat of death, workers of tea plantations limited by traditional bans, Chinese emperors and modern tea lovers.

Tea from the Forbidden City

Until 1796, elite Silver Needle tea was forbidden to be exported outside of China on pain of death, this brand was considered the undivided property of the imperial house. The tea hands, covered with a delicate silvery pile, were the privilege of the Forbidden City palace. Only desperate heads decided to take out a rare variety outside the Middle Kingdom and every story is worthy of an adventure novel. Already at the collection stage, Bai Hao Yin Zhen is different from other varieties.

Spring silver needles (March-April) are manually formed from selected first leaves and buds (tips) but not early in the morning, but under the high sun. Collectors on plantations are forbidden to drink alcohol, spices and perfume, nothing should interfere with the natural aroma of tea. Long needles of sheets and fleecy buds absorb the energy of the mountain sun. The collection is subjected to gentle processing, delicate drying and roasting, which retain their beneficial properties in full. Tea leaves and buds do not twist, do not crumple. Sun and mountain air: the main components of success.

White magic session with exposing

The established stereotype that Silver Needles tea is too delicate, feminine, weak, in the modern world does not hold water. At one time, it was a popular misconception that this variety is ideal for brewing only female hands. Yes, it requires attention and care, but it is open to all tea lovers. Bai Hao Yin Zhen infusion is very light and transparent with a watercolor shade of amber.

It has a rich palette of taste: from a tart needle to meadow flowering, apple cider and barely perceptible slow honey notes.It is important to observe the subtleties of brewing: a glass flask or gaiwan made of porcelain, only soft water (hard water can damage the delicate structure of the silver pile of tea needles). The recommended temperature is not higher than 70 ° C, welding can be taken a little more than usual 7-10 grams per 100 ml, 15 seconds of spillage, or no more than 3 minutes of brewing.

The Magic of the Silver Needles has very real properties. This bright morning tea is good as prevention of osteoporosis and oncological diseases, it returns vitality and clarity of mind, has a mild anti-inflammatory effect and reduces cholesterol in the blood.

Tea Silver Needles - the kind and light warmth of the eastern foothills, a gentle acupuncture session, without pain and burning. The morning freshness of the high sun in your cup. The first sip of spring.

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