A snowman do it yourself from scrap materials for the New Year 2018: Master class and step by step instructions on how to make a snowman out of paper, cups, socks or threads


Master classes with step-by-step instructions, photos and videos describe in detail how to make a snowman with your own hands at home quickly in the New Year. Such simple and affordable materials as plastic bottles, disposable cups, socks, cloth, colored paper, cotton wool, balls and cotton pads are suitable for use. Ready-made crafts are colorful, bright, spectacular and instantly create a festive mood at home, in an apartment, in a kindergarten or school class.

Snowman do-it-yourself from paper - a simple hack-application for the New Year in kindergarten

There is no guarantee that the snow will fall on the New Year and children will be able to make a real snowman out of it. But to make this winter paper character for kids in kindergarten will work, regardless of the weather. A ready-made thematic card-application can be presented to relatives, friends, teachers, or used in the premises as an element of an external festive decor.

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