7 pairs of trendy sneakers for the winter

Fashion designers have come to the conclusion that sneakers can be worn decisively with any clothes, and we alone with ourselves have decided that this is still the most comfortable shoes in the world, and regardless of whether you like sports in a variety of its manifestations or not. But does the "romance" end with sneakers exactly at the moment when winter comes and snow falls? Perhaps it would be unfair to give a positive answer, since, with all the abundance of running shoes and sneakers on sale, some models are clearly made even more kind and warmer than the same boots or winter boots, for example, due to the presence of a small platform, a dense high sole , a fur layer or natural leather, suede or wool in the composition. Without hiding his affection for sneakers and sneakers and for the freedom of movement that they give us, we set ourselves the task of finding several stylish pairs that can claim the title of winter footwear.

Sneakers from felt

In gray, embodied in textured fabrics, there is some special charm.So, this pair resembles a hybrid of a cashmere scarf and sports shoes, and the resulting symbiosis turns out to be stylish and attractive in appearance.

Sneakers from Zara felt

Sneakers from Zara felt (3 999 rub.)

Sneakers with sequins

Since New Year holidays are at stake, which for many people probably will have at least two weeks from one calendar week, it means that a pair of shoes that combines an elegant look and uncompromising convenience should be present in this selection.

H & M Sequined Sneakers

H & M Sequined Sneakers (2 299 rub.)

Fur sneakers

I remember that such high-sneaker models were very popular in the 2000s, even before sporting style became a general fashion insanity, but today they are still an adequate option for shoes for relaxing days, when you don’t want to dress up or suffer the choice of “what to wear?

Sneakers on the fur Stradivarius

Sneakers with Stradivarius fur (4 999 rub.)

Genuine Leather Sneakers

We have not yet decided who still has better sneakers: sports brands or fashionable ones specializing in fast fashion and seasonal trends. But what makes the latter so strong is in the original detailing - color combinations, prints and unusual inserts that make the result unlike any other.

Uterque Genuine Leather Sneakers

Sneakers made of genuine leather Uterque (7 490 rub.)

Multicolored Sneakers

This pair has a rainbow look and solid content: on the place of the usual synthetics there is colored calf leather with a nap, which is usually used in designer boots or ankle boots, and the dynamic sole promises sensations like jumping on a trampoline when walking.

Nike Sneakers

Nike Multicolored Sneakers (£ 100)

Golden Leather Sneakers

Sports shoes still came to look even more solemn than some boats and sandals. In particular, this pair of genuine leather in the festivity can not be denied, but you want to wear it with colored fur coats with a long nap and sunglasses - in the middle of winter, but not less than a movie star.

Massimo Dutti Golden Leather Sneakers

Sneakers made of golden leather Massimo Dutti (7 990 rub.)

Claret suede sneakers

It’s generally hard to resist Converse’s Chuck Taylor model — knowingly, she’s already a decade on the peak. And in this case, the decisive factor is also a nice dark red shade (the first association is red wine and Friday), a warmed “winter” shape and a waterproof nubuck coating.

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