7 books that a real lady should read

The director of the Austrian high school of etiquette Maria Bush shared with her editors Wday.ru her desk books.
Maria Boucher, Director of the Austrian Etiquette School:
Maria boucher

- I have such places where I feel especially happy. I want to share with you one of them - this is the home of the book "SINGER" on Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg ... Oh, I did not just come there, like many, to buy a book, I turned it into a whole ritual. I already have my own way there “against the wool of tourists”, which ends at a table in a cafe with a book and a glass of cold champagne on the second floor. After all, you can drink champagne only in two cases: when you are in love and ... when you are not in love. And today I want to share my long-time love for several books, which are very helpful to be elegant in any situation.

“Lessons Madame Schick. 20 secrets of style that I learned while living in Paris ", Jennifer Scott

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Jennifer L. Scott spent six months of her life in beautiful Paris, living with Madame Schick.The author is an American who was so attracted by French ... Madame Schick was the epitome of elegance, glaring charm, elegance, luxury, coquetry, and most importantly - she managed to easily contain all these qualities in one bottle. It was from her American and learned all the details of Parisian femininity and elegance.

Even if you do not live in Paris, but in a small town, and the whole reality of Soviet odnushka works as opposed to elegance, then this book is like a concrete machine ... Pave the way to beauty even among slums and marshes. But most importantly, that you were driving it!

“How to learn to say compliments”, Yu.G. Tamberg

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This book is my favorite, because it is super useful. But I learned all the magic of art to make compliments before this book was presented to me by a St. Petersburg lady. I have a question for you: how elegant to get out of the situation, if you forgot the name of the person you met before? Answer: 10% of elegance is to build a conversation in such a way that the interlocutor does not feel that you do not remember his name; 30% of elegance - admit to the interlocutor that you do not remember his name; 60% of elegance - try to find out the name of the guest through third parties; 100% elegance -tell a man a compliment.

For example: “I remember your amazing performance at SILMO in Paris. Your words and advice made a deep impression on me. Upon arrival in Russia, I immediately introduced all your innovative techniques, and the result did not take long. Today we occupy the first place in the production of "goods" in Russia. And I want to acknowledge your greatest contribution to this success. However, please forgive me, I do not quite remember how to pronounce your name correctly. ”

A well-made compliment may be the best investment in your future relationship. According to the content of the compliment, one can determine the taste of a person, his observation and good breeding. Everyone praises what he sees in himself and likes in others.

“Hannah Rothschild - Baroness. In search of Nicky, the Rothschild family rebel

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In this book you will find everything for inspiration, to change your life style. This story confirms my words that luxury is a question of money, and elegance is a question of education. You will read the amazing story of how in just five generations the Rothschilds rose from the poverty of the Jewish alley in Frankfurt to the luxurious life of British aristocrats.Hannah Rothschild tells about her aunt Nick (Pannonik) Rothschild and her life in jazz. About how Nika started traveling to the light and met Baron Konigswarter, who taught her how to fly a plane, married him and moved to the other side of the English Channel. An amazing story with its beginning and end.

Etiquette & Espionage and Curtsies & Conspiracies, Carriger Gail

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I have not yet found these two books in Russian, but whenever possible they are definitely worth reading. They do not look like a set of boring rules on etiquette, at least because it is a love-fiction novel. The story about 14-year-old Sophronia, which the mother sent to the school of noble maidens. However, Sophronia soon realizes that this is not an ordinary school. With Mademoiselle Geraldine, young ladies learn all the arts and crafts that a true lady needs. Of course, they learn the art of dance, style and behavior, but they also learn to fight death, sabotage and espionage, using only refined and sophisticated manners.

"The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette"

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This is the most detailed and understandable at first glance, the simple rules of etiquette.This book will be interesting to any family living in any city and leading any lifestyle. From this book, everyone will be able to gather the information that will be useful to him during his life's journey, especially if you will soon have to arrange a wedding ceremony. If you dream of a perfect wedding, then I advise you to start with this book. Recommended for family reading.

Etiquette, Emilia Gluskin

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This book will be of particular interest to those who would like to learn how to make small talk in English. Correct your pronunciation and know when to say “How are you” or “How do you do”.

The book is written in the form of a brochure, but the amount of useful information in such a small book is impossible not to appreciate.

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